Join us in this walk-through tour of the same model we have, but 4 years newer!

Some of the main differences in the 2022 model are:

  • New exterior graphics with 2 tone skirt
  • LED flood light above fuel door (driver side)
  • LED floodlights (both sides) and rear awning light are backup assist lights, providing 270 degrees of lighting in reverse
  • New slide fascia is smooth white (vs black orange peel)
  • Deeper bed slide, providing more room between the bed and dresser
  • New lift-top dresser with hidden storage underneath
  • New front wardrobe with the washer and dryer connections in the center section
  • New bathroom with backsplash and huge storage
  • New shower features, including a folding bench.
  • Flush floor kitchen slides and no carpet throughout
  • 13’ 6” garage (an extra FOOT!)
  • New pendant lighting
  • Residential fridge!
  • Huge 4 burner cooktop with a full-sized oven!

UPDATE!: For those who have asked, the dryer CAN be vented to the driver-side wall. There is a label that shows where to drill. 👍🏼

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