We recently got an exclusive tour of two new Momentum G-Glass models from our friends at Grand Design RV! These new models aren't even on the Grand Design RV website since they are debuting at the Hershey RV Show next weekend. Once they are public, we will have links to each model in the LINKS section below.

Thad said, here's a sneak peek at the specs! 😊

Grand Design Momentum 325G

This floorplan is an open concept, merging the living and garage areas. This makes for a very large living area when toys are removed.

And, for the toys, the garage is so versatile it can even handle lengths up to 16′ 7″! Additionally, a very unique feature to accommodate a wide SxS is the flip-up slide floor in the driver-side slide. This enables you to bring the slide in with the SxS loaded, wrapping the slide AROUND the front left wheel! Genius!

Another feature unique to this open floorplan is the linoleum all the way through the living area and garage. This makes the garage feel much more residential with toys removed, blending the garage and living into one big room.

Grand Design Momentum 415G

The 415G is an amazing layout! Walking in, you are immediately greeted with THREE theater seats in the living area! This is a first in the Momentum G class. The only other GDRV toy hauler with this much living room seating is the Momentum 376TH, where the living area is at the front of the RV, and the garage is a smaller toy box (with the master bed above it).

Adjacent to that is the kitchen with a very functional U-shape, 15CU Ft refrigerator, and tons of storage!

Straight Frame vs. Drop Frame

One of the things you might notice in both of these tours is that neither of them has a ton of basement space like most of the TH models. This is due to the TH models having drop-frames (a.k.a. Z-Frame or Drop Chassis). More basement space is available when the front end of the frame is dropped to allow more space between the frame and the RV floor. The drawback to a drop-frame design is limited floorplan layout options – the drop in the frame limits how far forward the living area can be. We ran into this when designing the Momentum 410TH.

It's the straight I-Beam frame of these models that allows such a large living area without encroaching on the garage. Like almost every design choice in an RV, the frame style comes with advantages and disadvantages for each.

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