Essential RV Gear for Power!

Most new (or new to you) RVs will come with just a power cord.  These are some power accessories you will want to have on hand day one:

While this might not be a required day one item, you will definitely want one of these at some point.  90 degree connector reduces cord strain and allows easier connection in tight places.

You will NEED this to connect a 50A rig to 30A power. There is also a 30A to 15A adapter to step it down even further, but we've never needed that.  Definitely a day one purchase to have on hand.

Simple Extension cord for those handful of times our 35 foot cord can't quite reach. This is one of those things that you don't want to NEED when youre far away from an RV acessory store. Been there, done that!

Do NOT get a plain surge protector to save money. A bad power source (low voltage) will kill your air conditioner just as sure as a surge.  A total protection solution will protect against Open Ground, Open Neutral, Reverse Polarity, Over/Under Voltage, Accidental 240V, A/C Frequency Issues, Mis-wired Pedestal, and Surge!  Surge Guard (by Southwire) is the leader in this area. We chose the hard-wired version. It's more upfront work (video in the queue), but you only have to set it up once and it's one less thing to mess with setting up camp.  Be sure to also get the Display Monitor and Cable so you have control inside your RV!

If you are NOT comfortable with re-wiring your RV's shore power connection, this is the unit for you.  Offers all of the same protection as the unit above with plug and play simplicity.  Be sure to also get the Wireless LCD Display

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