When we first started out Rving, we knew we wanted to bring along a portable grill.  Even though we have a full kitchen inside, cooking outside is integral to camping.    We saw the Coleman grill at camping world and figured… yea…  that looks like a nice grill.  It has a built in stand and folds down nice.  Burgers, brats, steaks…  We had big plans for this grill!  However, reality turned out to be a little different.


First off, the gas flow between left and right burners was different.  We could never get the left side as hot as the right, which meant a lot of shuffling items around from left to right to get them to cook evenly.  But the nail in the proverbial coffin of the Coleman was CLEANUP!  There is a grease catch at the bottom of the grill, but that's after said grease has dripped all over the insides, burners, etc.  Living in an RV, we can't just put it away and clean it later like we might be tempted to do in a house with a garage.  Burger grease would surely attract things that might want to EAT burger grease.  So, it needs to be cleaned 100% (and stowed) before EVERY camp breakdown.  Knowledge of this pending cleanup task severely dampens the desire to get it out and cook on it.  So…  It mostly sat in our basement taking up space.


Enter Blackstone!  We'd seen other full time RV channels like KYD talk out the Blackstone, and had seen many people online singing it's praises.  We wanted to order the 22″ model but, apparently, so did everyone else!  It was out of stock everywhere (even Amazon) for months!  We finally decided to just back-order it and have it shipped to where we would be in a couple of months and waited.  A few weeks later we got a notice that it was in stock.  We called amazon and changed the delivery address and boom!  We finally had it!
And… It's living up to all they hype.  It's awesome to cook on and cleanup is SUPER easy.  In fact, since the best way to clean it is hot, it's usually cleaned before I sit down to eat whatever I cooked pharmacieinde.com….  To clean, you simply squirt some water on it and scrape it off to the catcher.  The boiling of the water brings contaminants to the surface and they get scraped into the catcher.  Then, lay on some flax seed oil, rub it down and DONE!
We've had this new griddle for about a month now and I think we've already used it more times than we did the Coleman in 10 months.
Blackstone for the WIN!

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Blackstone 22” Giddle: amzn.to/2S2QGLY…
Blackstone Stand: amzn.to/2CYkMMw…
Blackstone 5 Piece Tool Kit: amzn.to/2R63j7B…

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