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Want to make your RV Life a little bit more like a regular house life?  These are the items that we find make living in an RV full time a bit more comfortable.  None of these things are mandatory by any means, but we wouldn't want to RV without ANY of them!

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means if you chose to make a purchase using our links, we will earn a commission.  This commission comes at no additional cost to you, but helps us keep providing the content we love to share.

We recommend these products because we have found them to be helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions we make.  Every product we recommend, we use ourselves.

When we first moved into our RV, we thought the stock mattress wasn't too bad.  But after about a month, it started to flatten and it became clear that it was NOT up to the task of full time living.  We did quite a bit of research and came across Mattress Insider.  They make a HUGE variety of RV sized mattresses.  We've been sleeping on our 8 inch Gel Foam for about 8 months now and still LOVE it!  So much so, that we replaced our queen mattress in the “guest suite” with the 5.5 inch model.

The stock shower head is decent, but a bit lacking.  We saw a lot of people recommending this shower head online so we gave it a shot.  LOVE IT!  Not sure what kind of magic is going in there, but it's a HUGE improvement over the stock head. 
Side Note:  The hose that comes with this is a bit stiff.  We purchased this replacement shower hose and it's a big improvement.

Couple of issues with the stock toilet seat.  It's really cheap plastic and feels like it.  And, it has a strange grid on the underside that makes it super difficult to properly clean.  Enter, the Bath Royale!  This thing is nice and solid on the top and bottom, has a quick release so you can easily remove the whole thing to clean the back of the bowl, AND it's soft close!  Just flip the lid and watch it silently close by itself!  Never been quite so excited about a toilet before, butt there it is. 

When boondocking, being able to run AC Powered equipment when on only battery power is a HUGE benefit!  We can watch TV, make coffee, and use small appliances without having to start the generator.   If you'd like to know more about this option, please check out our Inverter Video and Inverter Gear pages!

Propane is a major energy source in our RV.  When boondocking, it can power the refrigerator and hot water heater while using very little DC power.  It also powers our furnace and stove.  So, how do you know how much it left?  Truth is, without some means of measuring the tanks there's no way to know!  We added two of these gadgets to our propane tanks, downloaded the app.  It connects over bluetooth and we always know how much propane we have.

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