Working our way north last year en route to our appointment with MORryde, we visited an RV park we'd been to before. Whispering Hills RV Park in Georgetown Kentucky, is where we stayed when we visited Buffalo Trace Distillery back in 2018!


After about a week of not getting out at all, we finally got a warm day and headed out on Lucile! As usual, we picked a nearby destination we wanted to see, which was Elk Creek Vineyards. The ride there was excellent with amazing fall colors, and the vineyard was very nice! We only stayed long enough to taste a couple of wines, pick up a bottle of their red blend for later, and head back to camp! 😊

Local Feed / Bourbon 30

On one of the many workdays in the area, we decided to take a long lunch and hit a restaurant we also visited during our last stay. Sometimes, it's best to just go with the familiar. 😊 Local Feed did not disappoint!

We also couldn't leave Kentucky without trying some local Bourbon! As luck (and a little googling) would have it, Bourbon 30 was only about 100 meters down the street! Bourbon 30 is more of a custom bourbon blending company than a distillery. Bourbon 30 supports many veteran causes and we met several combat vets working and just hanging out.

Everyone there was AMAZING! They welcomed us in like we were family and even made us a custom blend!

HUGE thanks to everyone at Bourbon 30 for your hospitality!

The Gorge Underground!

We love to try different and unconventional things when we visit new places. And, what's more different than a kayak tour in a 100-year-old mine!

This experience was a blast! Our tour guides took us on a loop through the mine, where we saw bats, learned about the sedimentary layers, and the history of the mine. There was even a bunch of old mining equipment abandoned down there! One thing they like to do is have everyone shut off all sources of light for about 5 minutes! It's very strange and disorienting, but also very fun!

They have other kinds of tours also, including paddle-boards and boats. If you're in the area, check them out, it's a great time!

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