Whether you have a standard gel coat, or full body paint, everyone likes their RV to be clean and shiny! The bigger the RV, the more difficult that task becomes. With a 44′ RV and Full body Paint, we have tried a LOT of ways to keep this baby clean!

Truck Washes

Truck washes are one of the best bangs for the buck, if you use the right truck wash and know what to ask for. We've tried two brands of truck wash: Pride and Blue Beacon.

Our experience at Pride Truck Wash was not great, and that was partially our fault. We opted to let them use brushes on the RV and that left fine scratch marks that needed to be buffed out. Had we not opted for brushes, we might have had a perfectly fine experience. We wish they would have known better than to even offer to use brushes on an RV. It was around $100 for the truck and RV. Then $400 for the hand wash/wax to fix the scratches (see below).

Our second (and third and fourth) truck wash was Blue Beacon. Maybe they just do more RV's and know better, but they do not use brushes (or acid chemicals) on RVs. They did an AMAZING job! All 3 times, so far, have been really great meine erklärung! After some feedback from our viewers (thank you!), we asked about not using acid on the RV and were told they don't do that anyway, but do recommend it on the truck. Additional viewer feedback prompted us to also get the Rain-X treatment on our most recent visit, and it was great!

The price at Blue Beacon also has a huge leg up over Pride. Only $44 for the Truck and RV, and around $67 with Rain-X! NICE! We now have the Blue Beacon app and look for them on every travel day! At that price, it's well worth a stop every chance we get!


The scratches we received at Pride Truck Wash was the push we needed to get a professional hand wash and wax. We knew from our previous visit to Miami Everglades RV Resort (changinglanesrv.com…), that we cold get a professional wash / wax from Chris and Nancy's RV Detailing. We had tried on our fist visit, but they were so popular they were booked out for weeks. So, on our way to Key West (changinglanesrv.com…), we made a point of visiting Miami Everglades for a few days and booking a full wash / wax / buff with Chris and Nancy!

They did not disappoint! It ran us $400 (plus a tip – always tip great service!), and was worth every penny. Particularly to get rid of the fine scratches we had received. It took them 2 days and they paid attention to every detail, including the roof and awnings! Bravo! We'll be back (Terminator voice)!


Lowest on the “fun” list, but highest on the “cheap-skate” list is Do It Yourself!

One of the biggest obstacles with a DIY wash is that most RV Parks, State Parks, etc, do NOT allow “washing” of your RV. Most strictly forbid it, and those that don't usually require you pay a fee.

For the first several months, I used a spray detailer and micro-fiber cloths by hand. This meant getting out the ladder (amzn.to/2lfHsjH…), and moving it a few feet at a time to get up high. It was a LOT of work and took 3-4 hours to do the whole RV!

Then, we finally bit the bullet on a kit I'd had my eye on since the beginning. With a really long title of “Aero Cosmetics Waterless RV Aircraft Boat Wash Wax Mop Kit with Bug Scrubber/Mini Mop No Ladder Needed Wash Wax Dry Anywhere Anytime No Restrictions” (amzn.to/2lfBcsc…), it looked like a great solution. But, at the time, it was almost $300 and took a few times of hand dry-washing to get the motivation to drop the coin on it.

It turned out to be money well spent! With this kit, I can now dry-wash the RV anywhere we stay in about half the time I'd spent before, and I can do it without breaking out the ladder. Additionally, since it's so easy to use, I sometimes break the job up into sections and do 30 minutes here and 30 there as I have time to kill.

We've been using this kit now since May of 2018 (Amazon order history says so), and still LOVE it! Get one and try it out! Amazon has a great return policy if you don't like it.. ?

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