Many of you have asked for this video, so here it is! What's involved in the breakdown and setup of a very large fifth wheel toy hauler? Quite a bit actually. However, we've got it pretty well down since we move every 10 days or so! Camp breakdown and preparing to move is the most involved and most important (versus setting up camp). If we forget to tie something down or secure something, it can be disastrous. When on the move, we are 15 TONS of rig going 65mph, so everything has to be in the right place. Hydraulic slides will crush things with ease. So, the name of the game is CHECKLISTS!

Setting up camp is also fairly involved but once the rig is leveled, connected, and the slides are out, setup is much more leisurely than breakdown. We can set up and unload the motorcycle, etc. as time, weather, etc permits.

This video will show you everything involved in our typical move day. Yes, we know it's a LONG video. But it is a long process, so we condensed it as much as we could.

You can see our full checklists here.

If you'd like to skip to a particular section of the video, you can watch this video on youtube and use the time index links in the description.

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