Ever wonder what to do with RV waste when moochdocking?

We were recently moochdocking for 4 weeks at a family member's house and really needed a solution to this problem!


There are a few options to empty your waste tanks (both black and grey) when there are no sewer hookups available.

The simplest solution is to make the RV mobile and drive to a dump station. This is a perfectly viable option, albeit a bit inconvenient. Full travel day prep has to be taken care of, followed by setup on return. Not a great option if you want to dump often from doing laundry, etc.

Another option is a portable waste tote (amzn.to/2Y78ABg…). These come in various sizes and allow you to dump your waste into it for transport to a dump. These are a great option when staying in a state park or campground that has a community dump station. Fill it up and roll it to the dump! However, this is not a very good option when moochdocking due to transportation difficulties.

Some areas might also have a honey wagon service available, which is a truck and operator that comes to your location to pump out your tank(s). A great solution, but not available everywhere, and also likely expensive if you want multiple trips.


After a bit of research, we discovered the Flojet Portable RV Waste Pump! (amzn.to/3h3fArx…)

This device is a portable macerator that connects directly to your RV waste dump connection. The macerator is like a tiny blender, that pulverizes any solids into tiny bits (< 1/8″), and pumps the result into any standard garden hose. A garden hose that you will use for nothing else, ever! ? The other end of the garden hose can go directly into a toilet, allowing you to dump both black and grey tanks anywhere there's a toilet!


For some odd reason, the unit comes needing two sets of wires crimped. This is easily done with the provided crimps and a pair of pliers, or a set of wire crimpers if you have them. Additionally, the ends of the wires that will connect to your DC power source need to be connected. This will vary depending on how and where you want to connect it.

What we did was find 10 feet of wire at Lowe's and splice it into the provided wire on one end, and crimped on alligator clamps on the other. This gave us plenty of wire to reach our battery bank in the front of the RV, and just clip it on like jumper cables.

A simple wiring diagram is provided with the unit.

Our Take

While certainly not as convenient as regular full hookups, this thing is a game changer for moochdocking! As you (hopefully) saw in the video, we made a few minor missteps in our first use but, once you understand how it functions, it's super simple to use.

We did note that the unit's directions say to not run it for more than 15 minutes. However, it also has an automatic shutoff to protect the motor once it gets hot. For us, on this hot summer day, it would shut off about every 5 minutes, rest for 2 then come back on. That does make the process take longer than it could, but it still only took 30-60 minutes on subsequent uses (depending on how much “waste” we had accumulated). ?

Having the option to dump all of our tanks while moochdocking is AMAZING! Combine that with our other moochdocking tips (youtu.be/80ZucqclD80…), and moochdocking can be pretty close to full hookups! Showers and laundry in a driveway? Yes, please! ?


✅ Flojet Portable RV Waste Pump: amzn.to/2MGE63r…
✅ 12 gauge 2 wire cable (25 ft): amzn.to/3h1yJtJ…
✅ Aligator Clamps: amzn.to/3gZVIW4…
✅ 50′ Garden Hose (red): amzn.to/2BxBcvF…

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