UPDATE! Our regulator from propanegear.com went bad after about 6 months. After a few emails and no response, we decided to try some parts of Amazon. Not only did the parts work well, the adjustable regulator lets us really crank up the flow. WAY more than we need to, but it's nice to have the flexibility. It might also come in handy if we ever get a gas firepit. New links are below!

We likely could have gotten Propane Gear to replace the regulator if we'd sent more follow-up emails. But, I wanted to try less expensive parts from Amazon anyway.

Propane Gear is still a great way to go if you have no idea what connections you need, so we're leaving that part of the original article.

Well over a year after getting our Blackstone Griddle (changinglanesrv.com…), we still LOVE it and cook on it all the time! But there was always one thing I dreaded about setting it up – the propane hose!

Stiff Hose!

Finding a hose to reach from the propane tank on the RV and connect to the griddle was no problem. I found one on Amazon the first week we had the griddle. The host itself worked just fine and twelve feet was plenty of length to run down inside the propane bay and over to the Blackstone. However, what I didn't know at the time is, because the regulator is on the grill end of the hose, the hose is of the high-pressure variety and VERY stiff.

Uncoiling this stiff hose was always the longest part of the setup. To make the hose usable I would have to bend it in the opposite direction of the coil, running the whole length of the host several times. And, of course it just wanted to coil back up again. Finally, one day while unbending the hose, I got a little too aggressive and broke it! Time to cancel steak night and find another solution!


Luckily, by this point, I already had a solution ready to order! But, let's step back a bit.

I searched Amazon, trying to figure out what connects to what, where to put a regulator, etc. It was confusing and I would give up and just go back to fighting the hose.

Then I came across propanegear.com and figured these guys can surely help! I emailed them and explained our propane setup in our RV and that I wanted to run our Blackstone via some kind of quick-connect and, most importantly, have a FLEXIBLE hose!

They asked for some pictures and we went back and forth in email a few times over the course of a week or so. They were very responsive and helpful, offering up several solutions as we went back and forth. One direction we could have gone would have a quick disconnect mounted to the frame of the RV where I could just plug right in. I liked this idea, but have enough projects on the list right now and wanted something very simple.

We ended up with a simple Y adapter connected to a quick disconnect with a regulator built right in. Combine this with a low pressure flexible twelve-foot hose and an adapter for the Blackstone and we were in business!

Hooking it all up took about 5 minutes and all of the parts look and feel like very high quality.

Steak night was back on!!!

These are the parts we recently used from Amazon (see note at beginning of article).

  • Gauge Master Premium Propane Splitter: amzn.to/31B5jvp…
  • 0-30 PSI Adjustable High Pressure Propane Regulator and Hose: amzn.to/3Ewco3d…
    This regulator and hose will allow me to connect a quick-disconnect fitting to a bracket on the RV frame later on for an even quicker setup.
    NOTE: You are responsible for regulating the PSI down. At its full 30PSI, it's like a bonfire under our griddle and likely dangerous to leave that way. USE WITH CAUTION!
  • Anderson Metals Brass Tube Fitting, Half-Union, 3/8″ Flare x 1/4″ Male Pipe: amzn.to/2H6zGjP…
    This is to connect the quick-disconnect to the hose from the regulator.
  • GASPRO 1/4 Inch RV Propane Quick Connect Fitting: amzn.to/2H2VJbd…
    This connects to the regulator hose using the fitting above.
  • MENSI 12FT Male/Female Quick-Connect RV Propane Hose for Blackstone Griddles: amzn.to/379rLg9…
    To connect to the Blackstone.

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