We recently made three improvements to our Ford F450 Super Duty that we think you might find worthwhile!

Upfitter Wiring

In both of our trucks (2017 F350 and 2022 F450), the Ford Upfitter Switches were installed from the factory. These are awesome, but you have to wire them yourself!

The wiring is not that difficult but can be a bit tedious. Follow the video, and be sure to test at every step!


At just over 39,000 miles, the factory Continental Conti Hybrid HD3's were ready for replacement! The hybrid-ness of the tires was all worn down on ours, making them very smooth and severely hindering our traction on dirt and gravel.

We decided to up the aggressiveness of the new set and settled on the Michelin XDS2 of the same stock size of 2225/70R19.5. While not super-aggressive, they are a huge step up from the Continentals. So far, they aren't very noisy (as off-road tires can be), and I can feel a sharp difference coming up our gravel road.

Truck Bed Camera

The camera system, overall, is an awesome factory upgrade! The way it stitches together the birds-eye view is very useful when using this big red beast as a daily driver.

But, the bed-facing camera (the one used to line up hitching in the bed) is severely lacking in brightness and clarity. It also has an unnecessarily wide field of view, warping the image and making the truck bed too small and distant.

Luckily, this easy fix only takes about 15 minutes to complete! Remove the rear taillight assembly, swap the camera, and replace the taillight. Easy-peasy! See the video for details.

The new camera is clearer and undistorted, bringing the truck bed and hitch's appearance closer to the operator. Hitching our fifth wheel is much easier now with this camera!

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