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We use a WheelDock. It uses a piston you trigger with your foot to lock in the wheel versus having to rock it in and out. For travel, I don't bolt it in at all. It just sits on the floor and I strap lucile down on the front forks and rear bars. We demonstrate it a bit here, and later here.

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They are both Splendide brand. Washer is ARWXF129W and the dryer is TVM63F. We DO like them a lot! Sure, they're not the giant full sized LG's we had in our sticks and bricks, but they do a very good job and it's nice to be able to do laundry in our own home. Note: the dryer is vented to the outside. We've heard a lot of bad reviews about non-vented combo units.

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The device mounts we use in the truck are from ProClip. See the full article and DISCOUNT!

On the bike, we use the Rokform handlebar mount and case. Very solid!

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Our awnings are Carefree brand, so we thought it best to buy the same brand of drop shade. This is the one we selected:
In comes in two parts with the short end connecting into the awning in the groove. That 3′ section stays on and gets rolled up with the awning. The long 9′ section sippers on and we bungee it down using stakes. It provides some extra stability in the wind and we only pull it down if winds are going to be over 15mph.

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For our first year (2018), we used the CoPilot GPS app on our iPhones. It stores maps locally and allows you to input RV dimensions and weight in and will route accordingly. However, after an update to the app this year, it started doing some really crazy routing (get off this exit, do a U-turn and get back on, etc). Coincidentally, the next week, Eric from TechnoRV asked if we wanted to try a new GPS. So glad you asked!

Since February (2019), we've been using the Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV GPS and LOVE it! Great big display, voice prompts (that aren't overbearing), and it finds rest areas, service stations, etc along our route with ease! We will have a full review coming out soon!

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So far, we just ride them out. We've been in bad storms with winds up to 60Mph with no issues other than it being super noisy. Luckily no hail to date (fingers crossed). We do keep a weather radio / warning system mounted behind our TV that's on all the time and we double check it if storms are coming. We also have a portable radio for the truck.

When we get to each new location, we also make note of shelters so we have a plan in the event of a sudden severe storm or tornado. In the event of a hurricane, we can just pack up and leave the area. We never travel with wind over 30mph.

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These are the curtains we used for both the back garage door area (in front of the 3 season doors) as well as for privacy between the living room and garage / guest suite. All super easy to install tension rods and they stay up during travel. Except for on I-90 / I-80 in Indiana! (worst road ever!) 😎

✅ 3 season door tension rod: 
✅ 3 season door curtains: 
✅ Living / Garage door tension rod: 
✅ Living / Garage door curtain (1 panel):

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Our primary camera is a Canon EOS R wth RF 24-105mm ( with Rode Video Mic Pro Plus (VMP+) ( We mount this on a DJI Ronin-S (gimbal) ( whenever practical to get smooth footage.

For out and about stabilized footage, we use a DJI Osmo Pocket ( for B-Roll and some vlogging. But the field of view is a bit narrow for vlogging, so we also bring a DJI Osmo Action ( for that.

We use the GoPro Hero7 ( for some vlog-mode shots and as a secondary angle camera when using the Canon if the light is good. When we're walking around filming something like an RV show, the Canon / Ronin, and Osmo Pocket are what we use most.

On the motorcycle (Lucille), we use three GoPro Hero7s ( One mounted in a Karma Grip ( (Tara manually filming), and two mounted in various locations using Go Pro Jaws Flex Clamps, as well as the DJI Osmo Action ( mounted directly on the handlebars.

For aerial shots, we use the DJI Mavic Pro ( (we have version one).

For voice audio, we have two Zoom Digital Multitrack Recorders ( with lavalier microphones. We've also just added this Sarmonic wireless lavalier mic kit:

All of our camera equipment is here in our Amazon store ( also, including things that we don't use anymore (things we started out with) but still recommend.

The red “cans” under out jacks in some of our videos are Andersen Jack Blocks. We don't use them anymore because we've broken NINE of them (6 we bought and 4 replacements they sent us). Simply unreliable. The bottom edge would break off and they'd sink into the gravel / dirt / whatever. 

We've switched to RV SnapPads and love them. They don't help lessen the jack extension like the Jack Blocks did, but they don't break and they stay on the rig, which is great when setting up and breaking down camp.

We've been using our RVSnapPads for several months now and really like them. They are much less expensive direct versus Amazon.

Note: The same company (RVSnapPad) is going to be coming out with a new product that will integrate with the SnapPads to help with the jack extension / stability this year. We will be helping them prototype those and will do do a video on them when they come out. 

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In many of our videos you will see a simplisafe alarm. We purchased that system thinking we could self-monitor, but simplisafe can only be remotely monitored, controlled, etc if you have their monitoring service. Alarm system monitoring is not possible when one moves every week or two, due to regulations around integration into the 911 system, etc. So, we couldn't actually arm it when leaving the RV. Sure, it would alarm, but there would be no way for us to be notified, no one to shut if off, and Daisy would go insane. We didn't know this when we bought it, so it was essentially just an expensive door chime for over a year

We've since switched to Ring for our security system and have a full article and video on that here.

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We use the AP Products Propane Tank Gas Level Indicators. Been using them since we got the RV and they work great. You can also get the sensors by themselves and use the phone app.

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I use this Waterless RV Wash Wax Mop Kit and LOVE it! I can wash/wax the whole 44 foot rig in about two hours! Three hours if there are a lot of bugs on the cap. Maybe four, if I want to really detail beyond what I can do with the wedge tools in this kit. And it's a “dry” wash, so you can even use it in the majority of parks that don't allow washing, or charge extra to allow you to wash with water.

We've also had the rig cleaned twice at a truck wash. The first one was not a Blu Beacon and they scratched it up a bit (very light brush marks), after which we had it washed and waxed professionally to remove the scratches. Expensive mistake! More recently, the rig was VERY dirty from dust storms and we tried a Blue Beacon truck wash. That one did a great job on the rig AND truck for $44. Will use them again when we can, and maintain using our wash-wax-all kit.

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We never leave her unless we're on full hookups and can leave the AC / Heat Pump on. No different than when we lived in a house. However, RV park power being what it is (sometimes unreliable), we use MarCELL to keep an eye on Daisy's environment when we're not home.

It monitors power, temperature, and humidity. It does require service, which is $99/yr. You set thresholds (high and low) online for both temperature and humidity and define notification methods (text / email) all online. Then, when anything is amiss with anything, both Tara and I get emailed and texted immediately. You can also check the temp and humidity online.

However, we're hopeful that Ring or someone will come out with a device that integrates with our Ring security system. When that happens, we can get rid of the MarCELL and it's separate fees.

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Yes! You can't see our EMS because it's hard wired inside the RV. We currently have the Progressive Industries HW50C Hardwired EMS ( installed. However, we might be switching to this surge guard soon ( to review it for TechnoRV. It's newer and the remote display is a lot better.
Pedestal version: (

Beware of the basic surge protectors. They are much less expensive but don’t protect against what kills most RV air conditioners, which is low voltage. And low voltage is more common than is should be in RV parks. A good EMS will protect against: Open Ground, Open Neutral, Reverse Polarity, Over/Under Voltage, Accidental 240V, and Bad A/C Frequencies.

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OMG YES! When we first got our RV, we thought the mattress was actually pretty decent. That lasted about a month before it was super flat. We decided to try Mattress Insider‘s 8″ Luxury Gel Foam RV Mattress w/Organic Cotton. LOVE IT!!! It has the option of flipping it over for a firmer feel and that's what we use. We've slept on it every night for well over a year and a half and it's still as awesome as the day we got it! They have every imaginable RV size and can make custom sizes.

We liked it so much, we got the 5.5″ queen for the guest bed.

If you use our LINK you will get 5% off your purchase. 💰😊

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