Our FloJet macerator has become one of those tools that we don't use very often at all. But, when we do use it, it's absolutely invaluable! But, can it handle our latest 150ft challenge?

Distance Test!

Every time we've had the opportunity (need) to use our macerator, it's always been over a short distance. So, when we wanted to use it recently at a location where the sewer cleanout was 150ft away and up a slight hill, we figured it was a good time to test it!

Additionally, we had the opportunity to test it side by side with a prototype of its successor, which is supposed to have a slightly better motor in it with a higher duty cycle.

We tested using three segments of the cheapest hose Lowe's has to offer! This means it is 5/8″ versus 3/4″, which means it's thinner and longer than the “5/*” @ 50ft” the manual recommends.

The Result

BOTH the old and new pumps performed perfectly, pumping out our tanks flawlessly up the 150ft of cheap hose to the septic tank. The original pump did power cycle itself when it got hot. This is by design, but it is a little annoying.

The prototype did just as well but with zero thermal cut-offs.

So, both pumps performed admirably and seemed like they had plenty of power to do more if tasked.

UPDATE!: We've been told that the new motor went into production (same part number) in April of 2023. 👍🏼

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