After Moab, Utah, we started working our way North to one of our primary targets for the summer of 2019: Glacier National Park!

Glacier National Park is definitely our favorite location of 2019 and maybe our favorite in all of our travels so far!  Okay.. Maybe Maine and Acadia National Park is a tie or close second place.

In our travels between Moab and Glacier, we did make a couple of stops along the way.


First off, we had no idea Idaho is such a beautiful state! We were impressed!

Our first Idaho stop was in Twin Falls, where we explored Shoshone Falls and Dierks Lake. Shoshone is known as the “Niaga of the West”. To us, it was an amazing waterfall, but nowhere near the grandeur of Niagra. Perhaps it has more water over it at different times of the year. Still impressive nonetheless!

We cut our visit to the Twin Falls area a bit short and took a detour to Boise to attend the CVMA (Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association) National Meeting and get patched in as a full member! Meetings and music and beer! ?

After that detour, we headed up to a small town called Grangeville. We stayed at Bear Den RV, just outside the small town. Our stay there happened to fall over Independence Day, which was perfect as we got to head into town ad see the local parade.

While we were there, we also took Lucile out for a little exploring. We headed north on state road 13 to state road 14, which took us along a river along some taller mountains and some very awesome scenery! Add yet another beautiful ride to our list!

Idaho, we will be back!

West Glacier

The route to our RV Park was a bit nerve-wracking. When planning the route to our destination, we used google street view to get a feel for the route from the main road to the park. (see our planning and GPS video for more info:…) That route (the ONLY route) had a train overpass that was very clearly marked 13'6″! Our RV is….. 13'6″! So, we approached this juncture with a bit of anxiety as we were not completely sure we were going to fit. However, we made it through without tearing anything off the roof with a bit less than an inch to spare!

We stayed at West Glacier RV Park and Cabins (…). It was a brand new park, having only opened a couple of weeks before our arrival, and was very nice! Extremely large sites and walking distance to West Glacier Villiage. At only 0.7 miles to the park entrance, this place is a winner!

Glacier National Park

Our first couple of trips into the park were just along Lake McDonald, then another visit to Apgar Villiage just inside the park entrance. What a beautiful park!

On the next clear day, we got Lucile out and headed to Logan Pass! HO-LEE-COW! Neither the words on this page nor the video above can even come close to doing this justice! It was absolutely INCREDIBLE!

Heading up Going-To-The-Sun road, there's a hairpin turn, then climb, climb, climb. About 3500 feet up the mountain. Every turn brings yet another spectacular view!

We stopped at the pass for a break, then headed back down to see everything again from the other angle. WOW!

We had so much to see there, we had to split this into a two-parter. So, stay tuned for part two!

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