After spending some time with family in Ohio, it's time to hit the road for real! Working our way West, we decided to take a few days in Memphis to see Graceland.

Tom Sawyer's RV Park (West Memphis)

While we wanted to see Graceland, we wanted to stay outside the city. We found a great hidden gem in Tom Sawyer's RV Park, which is in West Memphis, Arkansas, just across the Mississippi River from Memphis proper.

This RV Park is a bit on the no-frills side of the spectrum, but its location right on the banks of the river was fantastic! We loved watching all of the shipping traffic go up and down the river and getting into Memphis from there is only a 15-minute drive (20 to Graceland).

Graceland! (The Home of Elvis Presley)

We didn't have high expectations for Graceland. At the end of the day, it was just a rich and famous person's house. But we were oh so wrong! Having grown up in the 70's, the house itself, we enjoyed more as a time capsule display than Elvis's actual house. The level of 70's tackiness is in full effect here, and it was amazing! Yes, it was really cool to see Elvis's life in remembrance, but we were in awe of the 8-track tapes and carpeted formica kitchen even more! It's like stepping into a time machine!

The house tour is great, so don't skip that part! But the rest of the tour was also excellent. Particularly the cars and planes. There is so much to see here even if you're not a huge Elvis fan.

Next, we head to Houston, Texas, and the Johnson Space Center!

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