This week, we share our adventures in Grand Teton National Park! This trip had planning mistakes, but we still had an amazing time! Note: We visited Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks from the same RV Park and kind of jumped back and forth. But, for the purpose of continuity, we're breaking them into separate videos.

Planning Mistakes

If you saw our RV Trip Planning (… ), you know that we use RV Trip Wizard to plan our route and stays. When looking at the map in RV Trip Wizard, as well as google, there appears to be a main road running straight into the middle between Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Perfect! We'll find an RV park there and be able to visit either park! Nope! Upon further investigation, we discover that road is an unkept dirt road that may or may not fully connect into the parks and might require slow four wheel drive. Oops.

In addition to that mistake, we discovered upon arrival at our booked RV Park in Ashton Idaho, that the place we booked (Eagle Peak Lodge and RV Park) was kinda bad. Severely overgrown and neglected with a strange arrangement of sites. We might have just rolled with it if it had been just the two of us. But, my daughters were coming to visit and this place just wasn't where we wanted to be for that.

Hunting For a New RV Park

The very next day, we headed out to look for a new place to camp. We had no luck calling around, so we figured we'd spend the day visiting parks in person to see what was available.

The first RV Park we hit (Teton Peaks Lodge and RV Park) was nice and had 2 vacancies that would fit our RV. However, we wanted to see if we could find a place closer to the south entrance of Grand Teton National Park. Oh, we tracked across Teton Pass into the Jackson hole area to have a look around. We even went into Grand Teton National Park to check out a campground there, Gros Ventre. No luck! So, we headed back across Teton Pass and made a reservation for the next day at Peaks lodge and RV park and moved there the next day.

Rafting Snake River!

A few days later my daughters arrived and, the next day, we had a reservation to go white water rafting With Lewis and Clark River expeditions. Unfortunately, Tara woke up with a migraine on said and decided to stay home. But, the girls and I had an absolute blast! We definitely recommend taking one of the small rafts. The large rafts just hold too many people and some people end up with middle seats. Just say no to middle seats!

Instagram Day in Grand Teton!

The following day, we had an “Instagram day” planned for the girls. The plan was to hit all of the very popular picture-taking locations inside the park. However, while we were having lunch in Jackson hole, Tara started to feel another migraine coming on. ? While we were debating on whether or not to take Tara back home, we got alerts from our MarCell system that power had gone out in the RV. This means the AC would be off for Daisy. This made the decision to take the hour-long drive back across Teton Pass an easy one.

After that 2 hour detour, the girls and I headed into Grand Teton to get some pictures!

Our first stop was Schwabacher Landing, which is known to e a good location for getting photos of the mountains with their reflection in the water. The weather put a bit of a damper on those photos, but we still got a few decent images.

The next stop was Mormon Row, which is a collection of old farmhouses and barns. Very picturesque with the Tetons in the background! We got a few pics in front of the T.A. Moulton Barn. The weather hadn't improved, but the view was still amazing!

We took some detours down some back roads on our way back to the Jackson Hole area trying to find some bears. Even with our best “bear noise” soundtrack, we weren't able to attract any bears, but we did have a lot of fun trying!

Up Next!

Coming up in our next video, we get to explore Yellowstone National Park! And, boy did we make a mistake there! Stay tuned! ?

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