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These are all of the primary products used in our Inverter Project.  If you haven't seen the video, be sure to check that out HERE!

One of the primary reasons I chose this inverter over others is the full 50A pass-thru. No need to worry about splitting out one side of the 50A circuit to a sub-panel and trying to figure out which items / outlets you want to power. This baby powers both sides! 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter with built in 100 amp charger and dual 50 amp transfer switch, plus digital display remote and temperature sensor.
Inverter Manual
Remote Manual
NOTE! (July 14 2019):  GoPower recently replaced our inverter under warranty (bad ATS Relay) and upgraded us to 3000W!  So, this is what we run currently: (remote sold separately on this model)

I picked this fuse because it's made by the same company as the Inverter and I figured it would be the best option if I ever had any warranty issues, I could say I used their fuse. Also, 300A fuses are kind of difficult to find, it turns out.

Simple On / Off switch to be able to disconnect the batteries from the Inverter / Charger.  Rated at 350 AMPS.

This 00 guage cable is considered welding cable. The conductor strands are thin, making the cable much more pliable. Regular cable is way too stiff. I only needed 10 feet. If you need longer cable, you might need to consider 0000 guage. Refer to your Inverter installation manual to be sure about cable guages and limitations.
00 Guage Lugs to go with the cables and heat shrink to complete the custom cable recipe.
Adhesive water proof heat shrink. Each section is log enough to cut in half and use on both ends of a cable. I bought 3 packs and had plenty.

I Needed a crimper that could handle 00 gauge wire, and this fit the bill nicely for a reasonable price.

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