With our Canada plans canceled due to COVID, we were winging it this summer. And, since we were having such a great time with our friends Randy and Bri at Wild Duck in Scarborough, we decided to extend a couple more weeks there!

The only drawback to that plan was that our site on the marsh was booked, so we needed to move to a different site. The campground owner, Yuvi, was very accommodating and moved some people around to make a large enough site available for us. Thanks, Yuvi!


While we had very briefly visited Kennebunkport on the motorcycle previously, we didn't get to explore. So, we headed back down there with our friends for some food and a walk around town.

Alisson's Restaurant had a tent set up outside, which was perfect for the situation and the food was awesome! After lunch, we explored this very cool little fishing village.


Before we left the area, we wanted to meet up with our New Hampshire friends, Ron and Cindy Lou. Ogunquit is close to mid-way between us, so we decided to meet there.

What a cool little fishing town! The place looks like it's straight out of a Lifetime movie set!

We got some food, of course. Our friends chose Barnacle Billy's, and it was a great choice! After lunch, we took a walk along the Marginal Way. The marginal way is a beautiful shore-line path with stunning views!

We had a blast during our extended stay in New England, and look forward to visiting again!

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