If you saw our review of the Lectric XP 1.0 or watched any of our videos since you know we love our Lectric E-Bikes! So, when they asked us to review their 2.0 version, we were excited to do so!

NOTE: Initially, we had a discount code for accessories. However, that code has expired. Keep an eye out for sales! 😊

They arrived while we were visiting the Bryce Canyon area (location video to come), so we took them out exploring a multi-use trail that runs from Red Canyon all the way into Bryce Canyon!

Note: Lectric did send us the bikes for free to do a review. But, it was we who reached out to them initially because we only review and recommend products we use ourselves. We never take on reviews unless it's something we feel is a great product and value.

What's New?

Lectric really seemed to key in on feedback from customers for it's 2.0 version without sacrificing the good stuff or the awesome price point. Upgrades Include:

  • Front Fork Oil Suspension – The adjustable shock absorber in the front fork was one of the most requested features. I'm totally making that up, but it was certainly one of our biggest wants.
  • IP-65 Rated Electrical Components – This is another BIG upgrade, allowing the bike to be used in the rain. We never PLAN to ride in the rain, but it's nice if we happen to get caught off guard by the weather.
  • Mounting Points for a new Cargo Pack accessory! – This one is a big WIN for Daisy! We'd been searching for a front basket solution since we received our 1.0 version bikes.
  • 3 Inch Tires – These are for heightened agility. The previous version had 4-inch tires (same 20″ diameter), but we didn't feel like they lacked anything on dirt and gravel. Additionally, they seemed to fit into the back seat of our truck easier.
  • Wider Handlebars – For a little better steering control as well as room for more accessories on the handlebars.
  • New Paint Job – Same colors in a new retro look.

They've also upgraded some of the locking mechanisms for unfolding and folding the bikes.

What's the Same?

One thing we were happy to see with the new changes is what stayed the same:

  • Affordability! – While the price did go up a bit they are still one of the only sub-$1000 e-bikes on the market. But, now, with many of the features of much more expensive bikes.
  • Portability – This is a BIG one for us. The new model folds up the same way as the old one, fitting into the same space. Actually, I think they are a slight bit smaller with the 3″ tires. They fit into the back seat of the F350 easier than the 1.0 version.
  • Drive – The battery, motor, gears, shifting, brakes, etc are all unchanged. Well, the battery manufacturer is new, but they are the same form factor and capacity.


The front forks and IP-65 rating are definitely the biggest and most welcome upgrades. Our elbows could definitely feel a difference on rough terrain. We also can't wait to try out the Cargo Pack on Daisy!

We had a blast riding them in the Bryce area and we're sure going to continue enjoying them as we travel.

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