Carpool Lane!

What the heck is the CARPOOL LANE? 🚗

We are trying out something NEW that we hope will become a regular monthly event! Carpool Lane is a monthly YouTube Livestream where we will be bringing on guests to talk about all things RV and RV-related. These guests will be on live with us, so it will be a great chance for you to ask your questions and interact with these folks. For our first Carpool Lane, we chatted with Todd Henson and Tony Flammia of the National RV Training Academy!

The topics we discussed were:

  • Most Common jobs that RV Techs are getting called out for and how could you prevent these issues from happening
  • Are COVID Builds a real thing??? With the huge increase in demand for RVs and campers over the past 2 years (due to Covid), are the Inspectors and techs seeing a decrease in build quality?

As promised here are the full interviews we pre-recorded:

Bigfoot Mobile RV Services (Roger Malone)

Ricks Mobile RV Services (Rick Root)

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