This week's video is a bit of a departure from our “normal” videos, but is something we feel is very important to share!  And, since May is Lyme disease Awareness month, what better time than now than to share with you how to protect yourselves and your families while you’re out camping from getting this terrible disease….

My Chronic Lyme

I (Tara) have been living with Lyme disease since 2012, so the information we are sharing is based on first-hand experience and the research that we both have done. In this episode, we cover what Lyme disease actually is, the common symptoms, how you can get it, treatments, how to protect yourself and your family and my personal history with the illness.  We are not medical professionals, but the research we share with you comes from credible sources (see below for our resources)

I have been wanting to put together a video like this, since we first got started with our channel! It is our hope that this will be helpful to all who watch it and that we might possibly prevent more people from getting this debilitating illness! With more than 300,000 people being diagnosed with Lyme disease every year, we believe it is absolutely necessary to be informed. That being said, we are NOT trying to scare anyone away from RVing or camping ?


To make this video a little more exciting, we are doing a GIVEAWAY!!!!  We discuss how to enter this giveaway for a chance to win a Changing Lanes hat (and some other swag) There are links below as well!

Thank you for watching this important and personal video!! We will be back to our normal content next week!!

~Tara & Chad (and Daisy?)


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Helpful Websites

Support Groups on Facebook:

*There are many many other support groups and helpful websites out there!!

Lyme Disease Documentary

Movie: Under Our Skin – On On Prime Video, iTunes and… 


Link to the “Take a Bite Out of Lyme disease” Challenge:…

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Lyme Facts

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