After staying one night in Monument Valley (amazing by the way), we head to Cortez, CO and WestView RV Resort.  The RV Resort is very new and very nice with spacious sites and plenty of amenities, including Pickle Ball courts, horseshoes, putting green, and even a Salon and Spa!

The weather was not cooperating for our first few days and it even snowed a bit…. In May!  We’re just not used to that, being from Florida!  But, the weather cleared up and we got to have some fun!

Ride to Durango!

Once we got our first nice day, it was time to get Lucile (our Indian Roadmaster) out to stretch her legs.  So, we headed to Durango with plans to eat (of course).  The ride over was a nice ride and Durango seemed like a cool little town.  But, we couldn’t agree on where to eat and just went home.  

McPhee Reservoir

We were also finally able to get out and try the inflatable kayak that we had received (via Amazon) a whole month earlier.  So, no returns if we don’t like it. ?  We drove down to McPhee National Forrest Reservoir and gave her a spin.  Absolutely beautiful area and lots of room to explore.  The inflatable kayak is acceptable, but not as good as any hard side kayak or canoe.  It will do for now, but we’re investigating other options.

Mesa Verde!

The highlight of our trip (and the reason we were in the area), was Mesa Verde!  The ruins can only be explored with a tour guide, and tickets for said tours can only be purchased in person at the visitor center and only 2 days in advance.   So, that’s what we did.  The forecast looked good 2 days out, so we scoped out the Visitor Center and campground on a cold rainy day. 

On tour day, we had two new full time RV friends (Dan and Eva) join us and headed to the park.  Mesa Verde did NOT disappoint!  We took the Balcony House tour, followed by the Cliff Palace.  Both require quite a bit of climbing wooden ladders on steep cliffs.  If you’re afraid of heights, this is not for you.  Both tours were amazing, but Cliff Palace takes the prize!  It’s absolutely incredible to see such a place in person and walk these amazing structures that hosted the Pueblos for 700 years!  Our video can, in no way, do it justice.  You must put this place on your bucket list!

Coming up next in our adventures…  Moab and Arches National Park!!!


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