We love the Florida keys!!  We met there, which might have something to do with our fondness for the area.   When we lived in our home in the Tampa area, we would make a point to get down to Key West at least once a year.  We got to know the southern Keys quite well after all of our trips, but we were less familiar with the upper Keys.  So needless to say, we were excited to get to our RV park (Miami Everglades RV resort) and start getting better acquainted with the Upper Keys! 

From the RV resort, it was only a 45-minute drive to Key Largo (the Northernmost key), Everglades National Park and some of the main attractions in Miami.  Although we never ventured into Miami or the Miami beaches (we hate Miami traffic), we did take several motorcycle rides down through Key Largo, Islamorada and Marathon Keys and headed west through the Everglades to Everglades City.

We are definitely more “Island People” than we are “City People”

Our stay in this area was made even better with a visit from an old college friend (Lauren) and an adventure on an airboat tour of the Everglades!  Our tour guide was fearless (and, in my opinion, a little crazy) and touched the gators on their heads several times throughout our tour!

Not only did we enjoy our time in the area, we also really liked the RV resort itself.  There were tons of amenities and actives and the people we met there were fabulous!  We will definitely be going back to Miami Everglades RV Resort.  We are planning a three week stay in Key West and Marathon in December, so keep an eye out for that video!

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