Introducing a Brand New RV Model: Grand Design Momentum 410TH(R)!

We had the privilege of working with the Product Manager and engineer for the Grand Design Momentum toy hauler line to design this NEW floor plan! We want to start by thanking Lance Lees – Momentum Product Manager – for wanting to work with us on this project and for being so patient! This was not a quick and easy process, and we had a lot of “requests.” 😜 

This idea started a few years ago with a conversation about what we would like to change in our current RV (a Momentum 397th). We have lived full-time in this RV for almost five years and have learned what we like, dislike, what would make it better and what we'd like to change. 

We went through our current RV from nose to tail with Lance, discussing what we think would make the floor plan even better. As we created this list, we all decided that this sounded like the beginning of a whole new Momentum floorplan! 😁A collaboration to develop something brand new was formed, and we all went to work…

Over the past couple of years, we have gone through several versions of the new 410TH, but we are thrilled with where we have ended up! We hope you love it, too!

Compared to our current 397TH model, the Momentum 410TH has:

  • More than DOUBLE the bathroom space ✅
  • MUCH MORE seating and living room space ✅
  • A LARGER garage than we currently have ✅
  • Even more basement storage (this thing is HUGE) ✅
  • A much more spacious bedroom ✅
  • Lighter interior color ✅
  • Residential Fridge! (this is the “R” in THR) ✅
  • Residential oven/stove ✅
  • Garage camera to watch those toys ✅
  • 310-degree backup lighting ✅

New Paint!

In addition to the new model, we also worked on a new paint scheme!

It's not ready to reveal yet, but if you saw our teaser post on Social Media, you saw a blurred image of the prototype, which still needed some changes.

Where Can You SEE IT?!?

The new 410TH will have its big debut at the Hershey RV Show, September 14th-18th, 2022, in Hershey, Pennsylvania! We will be there, and we hope to see YOU there also!

Be sure to follow our social media and/or subscribe to our newsletter to see when we will be there, hosting a meet and greet!


While we won't have the official specifications until the first production unit rolls off the line and GDRV publishes the details, we do know that the length will be just under 45′ (about a foot longer than our 397TH), and the GVWR will be 20,000lbs (21,000 with 8K axles).

When Will We Be Buying One?

We hope to have ours built sometime in October and are SUPER EXCITED to get into it!

Of course, after we've settled into it, we will be filming a thorough tour and sharing that with all of you!

We have never seen a toy hauler like this before and hope you love it too!

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