After publishing our video walkthrough of the new Momentum 410TH prototype, we received a lot of questions, suggestions, and ideas! Some of which we expected and others we hadn’t anticipated. With all of this great feedback, along with the feedback we received at the recent Grand Design RV National Owners Rally, we decided we needed to answer all of these questions! 

With the Hershey RV Show right around the corner, we wanted to ensure you had all of the necessary info before checking out the new 410 in person!😀 So, we asked the Momentum Product Manager, Lance Lees, to join us and walk us through some of these design decisions.

Before we jump in, we want to remind you of the design elements that are the most important to us. After five years of living in our Momentum 397TH, we were ready for more living room space, more living room seating, larger bathroom space, larger garage space, and only a half bath in the garage.

Let’s dive right in (going area by area):

Living Area

  • We should FLIP the sides and get more windows on the camp side.
    • Unfortunately, this is impossible due to the shorter slide out on the camp side. Since the entry door is on the camp side of the RV, the slide cannot be as big as it can be on the other side.
    • Gaining more room to move and sit in the living area was super important to us, and something we felt was lacking in our current RV.
    • We still have a ton of windows and natural light in this new model, so we were ok with this change.
  • Many people assumed that the TV would not be visible from the super sofa or dinette.
    • We tested this theory and found that you CAN actually see the TV in every seat!
    • There was also some concern that the TV visibility was limited while cooking. 
      • We can actually see it much better when standing behind the island than we can in our 397.
  • There was concern about the TV / Stove proximity.
    • This wasn’t something that bothered us since we currently have no space to the left of our stove.
    • We rarely watch that tv and will likely use that large space as prep space more often than TV.
    • We wanted as much flexible space in this RV as possible – having the TV be set into a “televator” gave us this flexibility.
  • Can we access the bathroom, refrigerator, and bed on travel days?
    • This was one of those compromises that we were ok with – would we prefer to have access to all three of these when we travel? Yes! Although we cannot access the fridge with the slides in, we can still get to the bathroom (which is the most important for us) and bedroom.
    • We will figure out a workaround for the fridge – either pack a cooler and keep it in the basement or maybe even a small refrigerator out there. The basement is humongous after all!
  • The pantry seems shallow.
    • It isn’t as deep as our current pantry, but we are ok with it. However, they are extending each of the shelves in the pantry a bit more to better utilize the depth of the cabinet.
  • There was concern that the corner of the counters might be too sharp.
    • We can say that the corners are squared off, but not any “sharper” than our current ones.
  • The dinette seating is cramped!
    • This was mentioned in the reveal video: The chase side of the L shaped sofa will be four inches narrower, moving the recliner side over by four inches. The dinette will also be centered on the window, moving it to the left a couple of inches.
    • These 2 things should give us the same amount of room we have currently in our 397 dinette.

Bedroom / Bathroom

  • Passthru Bathroom
    • We knew that there would be some people who did not care for our new bathroom setup (walking through the bathroom to the bedroom). To us, having more bathroom space is totally worth it! We have spent long enough in the tiny 397 bathroom. LOL, The only way to get such an increase in bathroom size was to change the layout to a pass-through bath.
    • We actually love how much brighter and open this layout also seems.
  • Several people commented that there was no handrail for the stairs to the bathroom, and they are correct. The RV we filmed is a prototype and not yet complete, but they are adding a handrail to the production units.
  • We also got a few people who didn’t want a door on the toilet/commode/water closet space, and they also questioned the size of that space. The design team is actually moving the toilet back a few more inches to increase leg room, and Chad can sit in there just fine. We also feel that more people with want a door than not. Additionally, it's a standard hinged door that can be removed if desired.
  • The nightstands beside the bed are too small was another concern. 
    • We forgot to mention in that video that we chose a king bed option, which is why there isn’t a lot of space beside the mattress. This is exactly how our bedroom is set up currently, so we are fine with it. In addition, the bedroom slide is now several feet deeper to increase floor space in front of the bed.

Outside / Garage / Misc

  • Another topic we knew would be polarizing is our choice of having a half bath vs. a full bath in the garage.
    • This is such a subjective topic and depends on the individuals’ needs. For us, we NEVER used the shower in that bathroom (except as storage). We wanted to use that extra space to increase the living room space. Also, the half bath in the garage is OPTIONAL for those with larger toys.
  • What the heck is a Volta system?
    • Volta is an automotive-grade off-grid power system option and will be available in 8KWh, 12KWh, and 18KWh. As a comparison, our ten 12V 100Ah batteries equate to 12KWh.
    • All levels will include a 3200VA inverter, and the 18KWh system will have dual 3200VA inverters.
    • While we will miss our Victron system, we look forward to trying out this new tech.
  • Many folks were asking for the official specs of this unit, but we did not have those at the time of filming. However, we have them now (please see the spec sheet below).
  • Are we getting the MORryde Independent Suspension added to our new RV?
    • Heck yeah! We will never have another 5th wheel without it! We will also be getting their cargo trays and the new extendable handrail.
  • Lastly, some folks voiced their preference for having the W/D hookups in the garage instead of in the bedroom.
    • This was not our preference since we use the garage as our office. We have seen many toy haulers with the W/D in the garage that take up too much space for our liking. This would also not be ideal for those with large toys.

We also received numerous comments from people asking about buying our 397. We will be selling it but haven’t decided on exactly how yet. Once we have the details worked out, we will email out a post to our newsletter subscribers.  You can subscribe for free on the right side and bottom of this page.

The new Momentum 410th prototype will be at the 2022 Hershey RV Show next week, and we will be there to answer any other questions you might have!  Subscribe here and/or follow our social media to find out when and where we'll be!

Also, at the upcoming Hershey RV Show, something else we have been working on will be displayed (finally)! There will be a Momentum 399th on display with a BRAND NEW full-body paint scheme that we helped design! We are so excited to bring this new paint scheme to the market and think it will be a hit with our community. It’s called The Patriot paint scheme, after all 😉 Be sure to check that out at the show as well!! And, yes… the red color in the paint scheme matches our truck's “Rapid Red.” 😎

Lastly, we will join our friends HappilyEverHanks and Less Junk, More Journey for a group meet-and-greet at the Hershey Show on Saturday, Sept. 17th, 2022, 1-3 pm. This will be located in the Grand Design RV section (F8). We hope to see you there!

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