It's finally time to hit the road again in our Grand Design Momentum 410TH! No, it wasn't in the shop for frame flex! Ugh! We just didn't want to take it down our road until we were ready to be out for a while. We're still a little nervous about bringing it back up again, but we'll be better prepared next time! 😊 If you're interested in our opinion about the frame flex issue, please see this post.

Pre-Travel Preparations

Having our 410 parked at the cabin for a few months, means we have a lot to do to prepare for travel, like organizing the attic, and loading the bike.

We also wanted to have the RV and cabin inspected for air quality issues since Tara had discovered some mold toxicity in her system. The RV was clean, but we had some work to do in the cabin!

Family Time First

Before we headed to the other side of the country, we headed north to Ohio to spend some time with Tara's family. Chad also spent some time packing the bearings, greasing the suspension, and replacing the brake pads so we're ready for the long journey.

Harvest Hosts

We LOVE to take advantage of our Harvest Host membership whenever we have more than one travel day. It breaks up the travel days with an mini adventure, discovering new wineries, breweries, museums, etc.

On the way to Ohio, we stopped at Country Boy Brewery in Georgetown, Kentucky. This place was GREAT! Easy parking, great beer, great food! The only downside we found was parking on the street; we were nervous about leaving slides out on the roadside. Next time, we will use reflective triangles and such to mitigate the risk. As much as we go to see family in Ohio, this will be a regular stop!

The other Harvest Host we visited after leaving Ohio was Sumner Crest Winery in Portland, TN. What a surprise to see two antique cars in the lobby! Then, around the corner and down the hall is a chandelier room. Combine that with some great wine, and it was a great place to spend the night. This location also has power and water for $20 a night if you need it.

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