We had the privilege of touring and filming the Grand Design Momentum factory back in 2018! It was impressive back then, but wait until you see the new and MUCH larger Momentum plant that opened in October of 2022!

This new plant nearly doubled the square footage of the original plant (going from 70,000 sq ft to almost 149,000 sq ft!! This expansion allows them to have more parts on hand, more room for the employees to work, more PDI stations, and improved their ability to produce the new Momentum 410thr (our new home on wheels)! At 45’, the new 410th is the Momentum line’s longest toy hauler yet, and this plant gives them the space to build it! 

In this video, we tour the new plant and walk you through the build process. Even though this tour is of the new Momentum plant, most of the build procedures you’ll see are applied to all of the other lines of Grand Design RV builds. 

Are you interested in touring the plant for yourself? You are in luck because they offer tours! Go HERE for more details and to sign up for your free tour.

A big thank you to our friends at GDRV and our fabulous tour guides, Lance & Austin!

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