With significant experience living in our Momentum 397TH for over 5 years, we knew we wanted better and simpler storage solutions for our Momentum 410TH. But we also want to carry over the things that work well!

Shower Head

Since we first saw Grand Design putting the new body jet showers, we were skeptical about how it would use water. We also thought it looked like it would use a lot of water! Turns out we were right on both accounts.

The stock shower head puts out a pitifully limp spray while using a lot of water. In our 2-minute test on 50PSI shore water, the stock showerhead used 4.3 gallons (2.2 GPM). The Hopopro shower head, on the other hand, had great pressure and only used 2.6 gallons (1.3GPM). A clear winner all around!

TST 770 (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) (TMPS)

We've loved our TST-507 and used it for most of our five years on the road. So, when TST came out with the 770, we were eager to try it out! The new 770 had big improvements in a new, easier to read, touch screen. It's that touch screen that makes a HUGE improvement in programming. No more cryptic button sequences; touch the tire on the screen and click LEARN! So much better!

Waggle Pet Monitor

When we leave Daisy in the RV, we do not leave her safety to chance! We monitor the temperature, humidity, and RV power using Waggle! Waggle connects directly to the Verizon cellular network and will send us texts and emails when something goes awry. 🐶

RV Inside Step Carpet

Daisy does not like RV steps (or any steps) without carpet. Her tiny feet tend to slip on the stock steps, and she refuses to use them. So, just like in our 397TH, we carpeted the steps. It's not a complex process, but it is tedious and takes some trial and error.

RV Garage/Office Desks

If you know anything about us, you know we really like using our toy hauler garage as an office. Our desks are Formica countertops without the backsplash, attached directly to the sofa arms of our Happijac system.

For the new RV, I did have to shorten my desk by 3 inches to clear the tech cabinet. We also added some under-desk drawers for the usual desk drawer stuff. Being attached to the desks makes travel day a simple lock of the drawers.

Office/Garage Storage Cabinet

In our 397TH, we stored a lot in the full bath shower in the back. With only a half bath in the new RV, we knew we needed something better than the flimsy storage ottomans we used.

Tara found a cabinet that fit PERFECTLY on the front wall of our office, so we ordered it and got to work mounting it like a permanent built-in cabinet. Be sure to see the video for the details on how we mounted this securely.

This one large cabinet will solve so many storage headaches for us!

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