We had a week to fill before our trip to the St. Augustine area and had a difficult time finding a last-minute site. (February in Florida). Luckily, we found availability at Twelve Oaks RV park in Sanford, FL. Since Sanford is conveniently located near some top tourist destinations like New Smyrna Beach, and Port Canaveral, we were able to get out and sightsee several times on the motorcycle. We had tour guides (Jack and Kathy from the park) for our ride out to Port Canaveral, where they they took us to one of their favorite restaurants. We went out exploring on our own to Deland and also out to New Smyra Beach, where we had never been before.

Shockingly, we met a wonderful couple who were from the same small Ohio town that I grew up in! Our stay at Twelve Oaks was a memorable one because of all the great people we met while we we there and because we were able to get out on Lucille so many times!

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