Want to learn more about how your RV works? Want to become a Certified RV Tech and start your own business? How about becoming a Certified RV Inspector?

The NRVTA (National RV Training Academy) in Athens, Texas, is THE PLACE for all of that!

They have the course broken down into three “programs”.

NOTE!: The Home Study version of the Fundamentals Course (from this video) is now available ONLINE! Go here for more info: changinglanesrv.com…

Educated RV Owner Program / RV Fundamentals

The NRVTA offers several curriculum paths depending on the type of certification you're shooting for. They all start with the RV Fundamentals Training (RVTF 200), which is the course I attended.

This course covers all of the major systems in an RV and provides the foundation for diving deeper into each RV system if that's your goal. However, the course all by itself is all that's really needed to learn a LOT about your RV! Anyone jumping into RVing who wants to be an avid DIYer can get a LOT out of this course.

It also prepares you for the Registered RV Tech test. I passed it! 😀

The Educated RV Owner track also includes a week on generators and a week on solar. Those are great options if you want to DIY solar and maintain your own generator.

BONUS!: Starting Your Own Small Business

A bonus during the week of RV Fundamentals training is a course on the ins and outs of starting your own business. Forming an LLC, determining startup costs, etc are all covered in optional sessions before class. This is an AMAZING benefit that the NRTVA provides completely free! Spouses / significant others not taking the tech course are welcome to attend these sessions also!

RV Service Technician Program

After the fundamentals training, if one wants to go for the full RV Tech certification, there are four more weeks of training and a certification exam in the RV Service Technician Program.

Each week of additional training dives deeper into the major symptoms and in-depth troubleshooting. Of course, like all of the courses, there is LOTS of hands-on work.

RV Inspector Program

Another route that can be taken is the Certified RV Inspector Program. Becoming an RV Inspector can be a business all by itself, or in combination with the full Certified Tech Program. They do recommend that anyone going the RV Inspector route at least take the Registered RV Tech certification exam so they have that extra credential under their belt also.

Final Thoughts

We just can't say enough good things about the NRVTA! Everything about the place is top notch from the facility to the instructors to the RV Park: it's an awesome place with awesome people! You will not regret getting an education at the NRVTA and it could start a whole new chapter in your life!

UPDATE: We mentioned in the video to check the website for pricing. That was our mistake. Due to their new certification with the Texas Workforce Commission, they are no longer allowed to put prices online. From NRVTA: “The programs have variables that include credits based on what course you take. The easiest way to get pricing is to just call us. We’re following TWC guidelines and one of those guidelines is that we’re unable to discuss pricing with individuals who are looking to get state funding to come to school. So we need to talk to everyone first to determine if we can talk pricing or refer them to the state. We’re not hiding anything, just following rules we now have to abide by as a Licensed Certified Career Training School.”

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