Tara and I have both been to Las Vegas in the past, but neither of us had ever really seen anything other than the strip in all of our visits. This time is different! 😀 Plus we were with our good friends, Phil and Stacy (You, Me & the RV)!

Scuba Diving!

Yes, you read that right! We all went scuba diving in Lake Mead! While this outing was primarily for a segment in the upcoming TV show RVing in the USA, it's something that we were all excited about trying for our first time!

Due to the TV show, this was handled a little differently than a full scuba course. We were shown the basics along with a lot of safety info and set loose. Not all of us did very well at it. You'll have to watch the video to see who excelled. Hint: it wasn't Chad or Tara. 😉

Phil and Stacy took to it very well and even went back to get fully certified. You can see more of their adventures here: youtu.be/FllUH5mEf-k…

Neon Museum

You can't think of Las Vegas without picturing all of the bright lights! The Neon Museum preserves this amazing history, restoring many of these signs. Luckily, we found a cooler (still over 100F) day to tour it.

We go back again at night to see them lit up! Stay tuned for part two!

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

Believe it or not, none of us had ever been to the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign either. So, a stop there was absolutely a must!

The lines can be long, so be patient. Also, the person offering to take pictures at the end of the line is not some kind of official gatekeeper of photos. Feel free to skip past him and take your own pictures.

South Point

Well off the strip and adjacent to Interstate 15, this casino property is a local favorite with all of the amenities of a destination property on the strip including eleven restaurants! But, what makes this property really unique is the equestrian center!

With over 1200 climate-controlled horse stalls and several arenas for events and practices, this place is amazing! They host many equestrian events throughout the year. We really want to get back and see an indoor rodeo!

In addition to the huge equestrian amenities, the South Point is also a HUGE bowling center! They host some of the largest blowing tournaments and, of course, have a 64 lane bowling center for guests.

Mob Museum

Originally a federal courthouse, the Mob Museum is now a national museum of organized crime and law enforcement. This is fitting, considering the Kefauver Hearings were held in its courtroom.

The museum also has a speakeasy and distillery right on site in the basement! In true speakeasy fashion, you need a password to get in. However, this weekly password is readily available on the website.

Boulder City

This whole city was built to hold over 5000 workers during the construction of the Boulder Dam, now named the Hoover Dam. We visited the museum and explored the city a bit. It's definitely a nice day out away from the strip!

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