This was a very special video for me (Tara) to edit, since it’s all about our time with my family! After visiting Chad’s dad in the hospital in North Carolina (he’s doing great now, thankfully), we headed out on a two-day trip up to Ohio to visit with my family. Unfortunately, there were no State Parks or RV parks close to where both my mom and brother live in the Dayton area. We ended up at a park about 45 minutes away from them called Tomorrow's Stars RV Resort, an odd name in our opinion. The park was nice, clean and offered numerous amenities (laundry, pool, putt-putt, hayrides and more). The sites were spacious and easy to get into. We have stayed at this park twice now in site numbers 124 and 165, with 165 being much more spacious. Really the only downside to this park besides the distance from my family was the noise from the I-70 highway, which was very close to the park. The only upside to being 45 minutes east of Dayton was that we were closer to our friends in Columbus! They were able to come out and visit with us one night for a cookout, which was a blast! It’s awesome great to spend time with great friends!! This trip to Ohio was the first time that we were able to show off our RV to our friends and family, which they all loved.

I got to spend some one-on-one time with my mom and we were also able to celebrate my brother’s birthday on this trip. We took a drive out to Yellow Springs, OH, which was a quaint, artsy and eclectic town. We found a “hidden” mural walk and had dinner at Ye Old Trail Tavern. Unfortunately, we didn’t run into Dave Chappelle, who actually lives there. Another outing we went on was something I hadn’t done since I was a kid…we went out to Ohio Caverns! It was really fun to explore the caverns as an adult, although I was a little claustrophobic. LOL

Chad and I were able to get out on Lucile (our motorcycle) for a short, lunchtime ride. We a actually got to see quite a bit during this short ride! We rode out to Clifton Mill, which was a really interesting place to explore and then headed over to Clifton Gorge. The gorge was pretty and had a couple of trails to hike, which we unfortunately couldn’t do, since we were on a lunch break. We even had the time to ride back through Yellow springs, since everything was pretty close.

On the last couple of nights in Ohio, we went out to Young’s Dairy for ice cream and ate hot dogs at The Root Beer Stande (super fancy with an e on stande – LOL), two fun summer evening outings that brought back memories of my childhood.

It was a short, but memorable family visit which we really enjoyed. It was the first time we were able to stay in our own home, while visiting my family. A huge bonus of living in an RV! During subsequent trips to Ohio, we learned that we are actually able to “moochdock” right in my brother’s driveway! We no longer have to be a 45-minute drive away, which makes us look forward to our future visits!!

After this stop in Ohio, we set off on our New England Summer Adventure!!! Stay tuned for our future videos from Connecticut, Massachusetts , Vermont and Maine!!! We had a blast!

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