Like just about every other human on the planet, Covid-19 has changed our plans. But, we're rolling (by not rolling) with it!

Corona Who?

We first started hearing about Covid-19 while we were in Charleston, SC, staying at James Island County Park. At that time, it wasn't a pandemic, and most people weren't worried about it. We went out to dinner a few times, visited with some friends, and even went to see the U.S.S. Yorktown at Patriot's Point.

After two weeks, in Chuck Town, we headed to Virginia Beach, and to our reservation at First Landing State Park. We had some trouble getting into our site there and had to move to a small private campground. While we were en route to VA Beach was when things started to get a bit more serious. State and National Parks were closing and there were rumors that stay at home orders might be forthcoming.

With that news, we decided we didn't want to be locked down in VA Beach and canceled our second week there. We canceled reservations we had in western Virginia and made reservations near family in Franklin, NC. Our plan was to book two weeks there, then head to Ohio if it looked like things might not get worse.

It Got Worse

After only a few days in North Carolina, it was clear that things definitely were getting worse in terms of what was closing and restrictions that were going to start being in place. Even in a small town in the Smoky Mountains with no cases reported, there was much talk of pending declarations by the county and state.

Yesterday (March 27, 2020), Roy Cooper, the Governor of North Carolina issued executive order 121 for all residents to stay at home. Along with that, all campgrounds and RV Parks were to close and cancel all short term reservations.…

With that, we decided we would stay here and extend out a month.

We are in a really good spot to ride this out

We are near family (chad's parents). We have the best spot in the whole RV Resort. We have full hookups. The internet isn't great but is workable. We have plenty of projects around the RV to catch up on (and film). We're away from the Florida heat if this thing carries on for a while.

And… We're in one of our favorite places to ride!

The Unknown

If you've followed us for a while, you know we are planners. We have our route planned and booked all the way through the middle of August.

Our plan is to stay here, keep our reservations, and just start canceling reservations prior to penalties for as long as this drags out. Once this clears and restrictions are lifted, we'll pick up our planned route wherever that is. If it doesn't lift by mid-summer, we might just cancel everything and play it by ear.

When living in an RV, being flexible is part of the game. It's just a much bigger game right now.


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