Our Favorite (Easy/Healthy) Food on the Road

We get asked often about what we cook and eat in our RV. My response has never been an exciting or informative one because I am not a great cook (and I really don’t like doing it either)😆 

Like most of you, our lives are busy. Our days are already packed with managing all of our YouTube/Changing Lanes stuff, traveling, and especially dealing with all of my health issues. I often use up the little bit of energy I have for the day on editing videos, filming, and basic household tasks and have very little energy left in the tank to cook healthy and tasty meals. So, convenience is very important when it comes to meal prep.

Over a year ago, I found a meal delivery service called Factor75 (factor75.com). They offer healthy, low-carb, gluten-free meal options that are already prepared for you. The meals come refrigerated and ready to eat; simply microwave them for a few minutes. Overall, we like these meals, which come in handy with our busy schedules. However, the variety is limited (even though they change the menu weekly), and it was getting old. 

We mentioned the Factor 75 meal service on one of our Livestreams and received an email from the Mother of Macros meal service folks shortly after. The owners of this company are RVers, which we love, and they have some really unique menu items that we have come to depend on. More about those menu items coming up…

What is a Macro Diet? A macro diet primarily counts three primary macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) while staying within a specific calorie range. After researching this type of diet plan, I realized that the benefits of a macros diet consist of the following:

  • meeting weight loss goals
  • building lean muscle mass
  • gaining athletic performance benefits
  • managing blood sugar levels
  • reaching and sustaining an overall healthier physical state

What really piqued our interest was the selection of “Clean Cheatz” that they offer. These are healthier versions of some of our favorite sweet treats! Brownies, doughnuts, cookies, parfaits, muffins – and the variety changes frequently. We both have a sweet tooth, but try avoiding too much sugary stuff. So having some of the Clean Cheats in our freezer is so fun. We can have a doughnut without all of the guilt! And they taste great!! Our favorites are the HoNuts (a Macros version of the classic HoHo) and the cookies and cream doughnuts. Yum!

In addition to the sweet goodies, they offer a variety of premade complete meals and bulk food options. (The menu changes every week) They also have various bulk items – grass-fed beef, salmon, shrimp, veggies, sweet potatoes, etc… Everything is already cooked and frozen, so you heat and heat. Unlike the Factor 75 meals, we do not have to worry about consuming them all within 6-7 days since they are frozen. I like that we can place a large order, fill up our freezer, and eat them whenever we want. So far, we have found that reheating in the oven, convection, or air fryer tastes better than reheating in a microwave. 

Some additional info about the Mother of Macros Plan:

  • Donuts are balanced with plant-based protein, clean carbohydrates, and balanced healthy fats to sustain energy and avoid sugar crashes. Great for kids!
  • They strategically place nutrition labels on the side of their compostable containers so when you open your fridge, it's easy to view which meal you’d like to eat, vs. having to take them all out and check the labels on top of the meals.
  • The menus change weekly to avoid meal burnout.
  • Each week the meals are made fresh. They do not mass-produce meals and store them in deep freezers for months on end. This ensures you get the highest integrity of ingredients and the meal quality is not compromised. 
  • All ingredients are responsibly sourced and personally picked out weekly by their Executive Chef. The proteins they use are always free-range, antibiotic and hormone-free. The eggs are cage-free and use assorted seasonal organic ingredients in every meal. 
  • Zac and Alyssa, owners of the company, lost 180 pounds together using these meals to better their health. Together, they built Mother of Macros and now ship their meals nationwide to the lower 48 states.

Zac and Alyssa were very generous and let us order a large variety of menu items to try for ourselves. Like everything we promote, we wanted to try everything and have time to determine if we wanted to share this with our audience. Therefore, we have been enjoying the food for several months now. We have since ordered several more times because we really like the quality, taste and convenience this meal plan provides!

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