June 2018 – Our New England Summer Adventure continues in Plymouth, Massachusetts!

We chose Plymouth as one of our New England stops so we could explore it’s numerous historic sites and because of it’s proximity to other attractions/cities. It’s only about 40 miles away from Boston, 19 miles from the start of Cape Cod and only about an hour away from the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard!  We stayed at Pinewood Lodge, a wonderful campground with a State Park feel, large pull-through sites and a lot of amenities. The campground is huge, with nearly 300 sites and a large lake for canoeing, kayaking, swimming and fishing. In the lodge, you will find a game room, a bar (open on weekends and special events) and a general store. There are also several playgrounds throughout the campground. There were only a couple of things that we didn’t care for about Pinewood Lodge… First, the campground had only recently begun allowing dogs and there were specific areas (large areas) where dogs were not permitted, including the lake area. We also didn’t like that we THOUGHT we were getting a full hookup site, but found out upon arrival that we had water, electric and the option to have a pump out service come by twice a week (for an additional $20 per service). This was the second park in a row that did this (see our videos “Full Hookup Lies” and “Mystic. CT” for more details. We still really enjoyed our stay at Pinewood Lodge and would definitely go back (very good AT&T service, too)

We only took one ride while we were in Plymouth, mainly because the weather wasn’t great while we were there. The drivers also seemed very aggressive and therefore, we just weren’t that comfortable being on the motorcycle. The one ride we took was out to Sandwich, MA cialis genérico precio. Although we took the more scenic backroads route there (Route 3A), traffic was pretty bad. Sandwich sits at the beginning of Cape Cod and was a very charming little area. We got there around 6pm and, to our surprise, most businesses were already closed! It was a challenge to find a place for dinner. Luckily, we found Marshlands Restaurant, a simple, diner-style place with good food.  We decided to take the highway (Hwy 3) back and it was actually an easier ride. 

We ventured into Plymouth a couple of times and loved how we could feel the history as we walked around. Downtown Plymouth sits right on Cape Cod Bay and is a very charming town filled with different restaurants and shops. We did go see Plymouth Rock and although we are glad we saw this piece of American history, it was a bit disappointing.  I’m not sure what we were expecting to see, but it was just a rock with a date stamped in it. ?

We found a restaurant, New World Brewery, that had delicious chowder (Of course, we had to get New England clam chowder while we were in New England!) After filling our bellies with chowder and beer, we set off to explore a little more. We found the first church in Plymouth and Burial Hill, both were really cool to see!

One of the highlights of our time in Plymouth was our trip to Martha’s Vineyard!  The ferry to get out to the island was in Falmouth, MA and took about an hour to get there from Pinewood Lodge. We wanted to get on the 12:00 ferry, but were unaware of the parking situation until we got there. After waiting in a long time to park, we were told that we had to turn around and drive back about 7 miles to park in the shuttle lot. Needless to say, we didn’t get on to the ferry until 1pm. (For our large truck, parking was $30 for the day) The ferry dropped us off in Oak Bluffs, one of 6 towns located on Martha’s Vineyard.  We grabbed a bite to eat and set off to explore…We found the area of “Gingerbread Houses”, which were so pretty and the area felt like we were in a movie. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see very much of Martha’s Vineyard, because I (Tara) got worn out after a few hours. Stupid Lyme Disease. We wished  that we would have had the bike on the island or at least rented a scooter. We also think that it would be great to stay at a campground on the island. Maybe next time!!

Our time in Plymouth was a lot of fun and full of adventure, but there’s still  so much that we didn’t see!  The next two upcoming stops on our New England Summer Adventure, Portland and Bar Harbor, Maine, are our favorite locations of 2018 and we look forward to sharing them with you!!  Stay tuned!

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