NOTE! ⚠️ USE A TORQUE SCREWDRIVER WHERE APPLICABLE. While my main goal here was to just find and tighten any loose connections, I should have taken the opportunity to get proper torque on some items – the distribution panel in particular.

The term “earthquake” is frequently used to describe what an RV goes through, driving down the road. This is, no doubt, an accurate analogy! Every time we set up camp, we see the results of this earthquake. The evidence is in our pantry, our medicine cabinet, and our liquor cabinet! But, what is all of that vibration doing to our electrical system???

The answer is simple. The vibration will absolutely cause many types of connections to loosen up and eventually come apart! This, in turn, will cause increased heat and even some arcing if there's a gap! Both of these can cause burned-up wires and, in the worst case, a FIRE! 🔥


This is one time 30 minutes of work and a few simple tools can stave off electrical damage and maybe a full catastrophe!

NOTE: Always shut off power to your RV before working on any electrical systems!

Once the power is confirmed to be off (use of a voltage meter is highly encouraged), simply go through your RV nose to tail and tighten all connections.

Of particular interest are your ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), if equipped, and the main distribution panel. Both of these items carry the full load of the RV and have the highest chance of loose wires causing issues.

While you're checking these connections, you should also look for any lines not fully inserted as well as any double-tapped breakers. In regards to the latter, each breaker in your distribution panel should have exactly ONE line going to it. If you have more than one, you should investigate that to see if something was added improperly.

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