One very frequently asked questions is:

What mounts are you using in your tuck to hold your phone and observation camera monitor?


Our mounts are from ProClip, and we absolutely love them! So much so, that we've been using them for well over a decade! Through two Ford Explorers, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a Jeep Wrangler, a Jeep Cherokee, and now our Ford F350, they've been a solid performer! We've found no other mounts that are as flexible as these and require no drilling or permanent mounting.

Two-Part Mounting Design

The beauty of the way ProClip mounts work, is the two-part system. Both the vehicle mount side and the device mount side are custom designed for their purpose and you pick them out separately starting with the vehicle mount.

For instance, our F350 had mounting options for the left or right side of the center control cluster, as well as others. We opted for both sides to have two mounts!

After choosing the vehicle side, you then pick the device side. They have custom fit options for just about any phone in any configuration (with or without a case, etc) as well as tablets. They also have flexible options for devices not directly supported like our Furrion Observation Camera Monitor, which we mounted on the right side using the iOauto magnetic ball mount.

Every vehicle mounting option pairs up with any device mount, making for an extremely flexible set of options for any device.

No Damage to Your Vehicle

When you're ready to sell or trade your vehicle, simply pop off the ProClip mount with no damage. Since you already have the phone / device side of your mount you only need the vehicle mount side for your new vehicle. Pair them up and you're ready to go!

We hope you love ProClip mounting solutions as much as we have!

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