Ring Video Doorbell 2 | RV Security Update

If you saw our RV Security System by Ring video, you know we're super happy with our Ring Security system. We still use it every day, sleeping soundly at night and never leaving our home unprotected.

After that video, several of our viewers asked if we also had the Ring Video Doorbell. We did not, but the idea of being able to see if someone comes to our door while we're away was intriguing. So, we reached out to Ring and they sent us a new Ring Video Doorbell 2 to test out and review.

Full Disclosure: Ring sent us the product for free. However, a free product does not guarantee a favorable review. Please see our review policy if you have any questions about how we review products.


The Ring Video Doorbell 2 boasts a 1080P camera with motion detection, a removable/rechargeable battery pack, and two interchangeable covers in Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze which, in normal speak is, silver and a sort of dark charcoal.

It is completely wireless just like the rest of our Ring Security system, which is perfect for an RV! Like the entire lineup of Ring products, it's designed to work with the Ring app which is available on both iPhone and Android devices. Surprisingly, there are also native apps for both Mac and Windows PCs.

Of course, it's also a doorbell… Duh!


Just like our Ring Security System, WiFi is required. How do I get WiFi in an RV you might ask? Well, that's a super complicated topic! Luckily, we have you covered there also. Check out these other posts for more details: RV Mobile Internet Cellular Booster Best Mobile Internet Resource

While the Ring Video Doorbell 2 does integrate with our Ring Security System, it is a stand-alone device and does not require any other Ring devices to function.

Software Install

Adding the Ring Video Doorbell 2 to the Ring app is ridiculously simple. Scan a QR code from the app and follow the prompts to connect it to your home WiFi. In fact, every device in the Ring line-up is just as simple.

Physical Install

The average install time is only 5 minutes and comes with everything needed to physically attach the doorbell to your RV or home. They even include a masonry drill bit in case you need to install it into a cement wall as well as a screwdriver and assortment of screw lengths. It even has a tiny little bubble level so you can get it straight on the first try! Be sure to see our RV location tip below!

In addition to the hardware required to attach the doorbell, two wedges are included in case you need to mount it with a slight angle for the best video coverage. Since our main door is right next to a slide, we used the side wedge to angle ours away from the slide, providing a better view of the entire area from our door all the way to the front of our RV.


There are a plethora of settings available to help you get the most out of your Ring Video Doorbell 2, so we won't be going over all of them. These are some of the settings we've found useful:

  • Ring Alerts – Alerts on your phone when someone rings the doorbell
  • Record Motion – Automatically records 30 seconds of video when motion is detected. This video is uploaded to the cloud and immediately viewable.
  • Motion Alert – Alerts on your phone when motion is detected. Opening the alert takes you to the recorded video if that option is enabled.
  • Motion Zones – Configure the camera's sensitivity to motion by both distance and 3 zones to narrow the parameters for detecting motion. This was necessary for us to not detect people walking on the street in front of our RV.

RV Real World Use

We've had our Ring Video Doorbell 2 installed for over a month now and have found it to be very useful! While we don't get people walking up and ringing the doorbell very often (almost never), we have received several alerts of motion at the front door. A few times it was from people walking by the front of the RV, which is why we adjusted the motion detection.

Once we adjusted those settings, the extraneous alerts have gone away. But we did have some packages dropped off the other day and got an alert for that. It was nice to get that alert and immediately see who it was even though we were not home.

While we've not had the occasion to talk to anyone through the doorbell in a real-world situation, we have tested it and it works really well!


Unless you're absolutely sure where you want to mount the doorbell, mount it with Command Strips temporarily. This will allow you to try various mounting locations to find the one that's ideal for your setup. Just be sure to permanently mount it or remove it prior to travel day!

Grab an extra battery pack! Once we got the doorbell, we realized it uses the same battery pack as our inside camera. So, we purchased an extra battery to keep charged and on-hand. Now, when either camera complains about a low battery (you get a notification in the app and an email), it's a quick swap!

Final Thoughts

We love our entire Ring system and this new addition has only added to its functionality and our sense of security. Extending the reach of our security system the outside is a game-changer and we're very happy we added it!

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