Whether you're going to RV full time (like us), part-time RV, or weekend RV, you will need a few things to be able to use your RV! For any given product or product category, there are likely to be many choices. These are the products we've used for 2.5 years on the road full time and feel good about recommending.

While the lists below are long, we really did try to keep to just the basics. If you don't see an item you're looking for below, be sure to check:

Note: The power related items below are for 50A. Each one should have a 30A equivalent. Contact us if you have trouble finding anything.

Day ONE!

These are the items we recommend you have on day one. While some of them might not get used on your very first trip out with your RV, they are things that you will need at some point.

RV Travel Day Checklists (changinglanesrv.com…) – You NEED to use a checklist when prepping for travel. Particularly when you are first starting out in a new or new-to-you RV! Start with ours and tweak them for your situation.
RV Aware GPS – We consider this a day one item because you need a GPS that routes based on your RV's height, weight, etc. (See: youtu.be/kvifp-Ldr2A…). We recommend at least a software GPS on your smart phone. A great option for a GPS App is the RV Life App that comes with RV Trip Wizard (changinglanesrv.com…).
We prefer a dedicated RV GPS Unit. We use a RandMcNally GPS, but another option is the Garmin brand, recommended by TechnoRV (www.technorv.com…). We actually run BOTH a hardware GPS and Software in case one gets buggy.
TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring) (changinglanesrv.com…) – We are very serious about safety on the road and feel very strongly that you NEED to take care of your tires and keep them at the right pressure. This will alert you to a leak BEFORE the tire gets hot and blows (unless it's a catastrophic failure).
Sewer Hose – This 20′ kit is comprised of two 10′ sections, and that will be good for 99% of locations. If you want to cover the extra 1%, or have two sewer connections like we fo, you might want to get two kits.
Sewer Hose Support – Most RV parks do not allow you to just have your hose on the ground. We use this 20′ model most of the time, but also carry another 15′ in case we opt to set up both of our connections at once.
Sewer 45 Degree Fitting (clear) – Allows you to see when you're tank is passing clean water.
Sewer Donut– Sewer connections can vary greatly! This will allow you to adapt to almost anything.
Sewer Hose Carrier– You NEED a place to stow your sewer hose away from everything else. This tube is a great option. It mounts under your RV, keeping it as far away as it can be and still come with you. If you don't want to deal with installing something like this, at least get a dedicated storage tub for it. Our RV came with one of these and we added a second one.
Potable Water Hose – It's possible you might get a hose from your RV dealer (we did not). These Zero-G hoses are great!
Black Water Flush Hose – You will likely want two 25′ hoses.
Y Valve Hose Splitter – So you don't have to disconnect your potable water hose for other tasks.
90 Degree Hose Elbow – So you don't kink your hose going into the RV, to relieve strain on your connectors, and for easy shut-off.
Water Pressure Regulator – Leep your RV's water pressure regulated and protect your RV Plumbing.
Black Tank Treatment – You NEED to treat your black tank(s). We've had great success with Happy Camper. See: youtu.be/bR7e7XViI3o…
Air Compressor – You NEED to be able to maintain proper tire pressure. We have the 450P-RVS model, but you might be ok with a smaller model, depending on your setup.
Wheel Chocks – So your RV doesn't roll away!
Assorted Fuses – We needed our first fuse on our second night.
Lube Plate (Fifth Wheel Only) – Grease is messy! Note!: Be sure your hitch doesn't have one built-in already (most do not).
RV Toilet Paper – We've had great luck with Scott brand. You can also find this brand at Walmart in the camping section.

Truck and Travel Safety Items – While we've never had the need to use them, we carry various safety items like road flares, triangles, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher.
GasStop Propane Safety (changinglanesrv.com…) – If your propane system has a failure from an accident or something cuts the lines, this will shut off your propane. See: changinglanesrv.com…
Waste Valve – While traveling down the road, any water and “other stuff” up in the waste pipes tends to work its way down to the bottom (behind the cap). Guess what happens when you take that cap off? ? This valve allows you to keep that waste at bay until you have everything connected.
Sewer Hose Carrier – Keep that dirty thing outside your RV!
Water Meter – Know how much water you're using or putting into your black tank.
Plumbers Grease – You'd be surprised how quickly a toilet flush seal can dry out and stop holding water.
Refrigerator Temperature Monitor – Know for sure that your food is safe!
50A Power Extension Cord – It's only a matter of time before you need just a little bit more power cord to reach the pedestal.
RV Electrical Protection – A surge protector is a minimum, but will not protect against RV PArk low voltage burning out your AC Compressor. Look for the “Total Electrical Protection” models.
RV Power 90 Degree Adapter – Reduces strain on the power connection and just looks nicer.
50A to 30A Adapter – Many older RV Parks, State Parks, and National Parks only offer 30A power and you'll need this to connect a 50A RV. (NOT required for a 30A RV)
King Pin Lock (Fifth Wheel Only) – If you're going to store your RV, this is a MUST, but it's also nice peace of mind for us traveling full time.
Two-Way Radios – Makes communicating with your spotter so much easier.
MarCELL Monitor – Keep an eye on power, temperature, and humidity for your pet's safety.
Fire Extinguishers – You will get the bare minimum with your RV and you should have more.
Command Hooks – With RV space limited, you will want a way to hang stuff.
Grippy Shelf Liner – Stops things from sliding around on your shelves when traveling.

Day X (Good To Have)

Oxygenics Shower Head – Makes the best of low water pressure usually found in campgrounds. We also recommend this hose to go with it (amzn.to/2XN8IqN…).
Propane Level Monitor – Monitor both propane tanks
Shunted Battery Monitor – Know exactly what's going on with your batteries.
30A to 15A Adapter – If you want to moochdock at a friend's, or keep your RV connected to power at home. See: youtu… viktig nettsted.be/80ZucqclD80
Water Quick Connect Fittings – Makes setup, flushing tanks, etc so easy!
Slim Non-Slip Hangars – So you don't have to pick up all of your clothes from the floor as part of camp setup.
Best RV Mattress – They have every RV size in stock. Use our link for 5% off!
Command Strips – To hang just about anything on the wall!
Tension Rods – Keep your bottles of wine in the cabinet!
RV SnapPads – We love these! They provide a much more stable base than the jacks alone.
Leveling Blocks – Great for leveling and for a variety of uses.

Miscellaneous Items in the Video

Awning Drop Shade
Blackstone 22″ Griddle
Grill / Griddle Propane Setup
Miscellaneous RV Oranizational Items
Our Favorite Outdoor Chairs!
Solo Stove Bonfire

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