When we first got our RV, I poured over all of the manuals including the generator manual. For some reason, it never really occurred to me that the generator would need regular maintenance, including oil changes. Additionally, an oil change was going to be required pretty much right away. We boondocked on a friend's property early on and quickly hit our 20hour service.

This first oil change is critical to a good initial break-in of the generator!

Read YOUR generator's manual so yo know what to do and when.

Oil Change

Of course, the most common engine maintenance is an oil change (including filter) and air filter change. Ours requires this every 150 hours (after the first one at 20 hours).

The oil change is really super easy with everything very accessible. Your mileage may vary on ease of oil change depending on where it's located in your RV.

Be aware of the type of oil you want to use based on the environment. Since we were headed to the desert and expected 100+ degree days, I used SAE 30.

Other Maintenance Items

Our manual says to swap out the spark plugs and fuel filter every 500 hours. We're not there yet, so we'll save that for later. Additionally, if the generator is having power issues, it might be time for a new filter and/or spark plugs.

Another item of note is the spark arrestor. Ours needs to be cleaned every 50 hours. This maintenance is a simple matter of removing the arrestor and running the generator to clean out the soot.

Refer to your manual for all of the maintenance items for your generator.

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