As many of you know, we've been casually searching for an RV home base for a couple of years. That search was very low-key until about 8 months ago when we ramped it up and started trying to narrow down our search criteria.

Initially, we really didn't know where or what we wanted. We just looked to see what was out there. Kind of the same way we approached RV shopping: Look at a bunch of options and learn what we didn't know we didn't know. 😊

We were open to both but when we started to ask about build times, we eliminated building. That was going to take way too long for us. So, we started looking at homes with land and no RV restrictions.

The next big hurdle was to find one with accessibility for our ginormous RV! We found so many great options that had everything except that! Rural roads are tough when it comes to towing a 44′ toy hauler! But, in one last-ditch effort, before we were leaving one area to search another, Tara found it! It had just come on the market less than an hour before she did. 24 hours later and we had a contract!


First off, let's get this out of the way: We are NOT going to stop RVing and making RV content on YouTube.

Those of your who follow us know that Tara has been dealing with the fallout from her Lyme Disease since the day we started living in an RV full time. Our intent was to still see doctors and get treatments on the road. However, the logistics of this have proven to be difficult, and we've never stayed still long enough to give Tara some time and rest to improve her health. We knew we needed to find a home base where we can have access to doctors and take some time out from the RV. Not a LOT, as we still LOVE to travel, see new things, and share them on our channel.

What About Our Content?

When we started creating RV content, we had no idea it would turn into something we could do full-time. We absolutely LOVE creating videos about RV Life and we have no plans to stop! In fact, having a home base with an RV pad is going to allow us to be more deliberate about how we plan and create our how-to content.

The logistics of installing a complete solar/inverter system while traveling while moving every 10-14 days is CRAZY! Now, for projects like that, we can time them to do the work at the cabin. Additionally, now that we have a place to store things, we expect to broaden the scope of our how-to videos to include things too difficult to take with us on the road. External generators, portable solar, etc. It's also going to allow us to explore (and share) a new part of RV Life (with a home base). 😀

Overall, we feel this is going to be a GREAT move for us and our content going forward!

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