Multiplus II 12V 2×120

This is THE inverter I've been waiting for! It does a full 50 amp pass-thru just like our GoPower, but with all of the added benefits of a Victron Inverter!

What benefits?

  • VE.Smart network for inter-device communication
  • Bluetooth Access (via Smart Dongle) for control
  • Firmware Upgrades via Victron Connect App or VRM
  • Power Share for the whole RV
  • Integration via CerboGX (more on this below)
  • Better control over Inverter Take-over when on Generator

All of these things made upgrading to the Victron Multiplus a no-brainer and we're super happy we did!

CerboGX and GX Touch 50

While not necessary for a fully functional system, the CerboGX (and other GX options), provide a much nicer way to see and control the whole system. And, by “whole system”, I mean ALL of the Victron components.

The CerboGX brings everything together in an amazing visual display. It also has the ability to log data to the Victron Remote Management(VRM) portal (on the internet). The VRM portal also has a remote console functionality, which gives you the same display and control as when you're standing right in front of the display.

On that note, some GX devices have a display built-in (like the Color Control GX) while the CerboGX does not. While the CerboGX doesn't need a display since the console can be accessed over wifi from just about any smart device (iPhone, etc), a display can be added. This display is connected via HDMI, which lets you put the display in a more convenient location than the GX.

Wiring Diagram

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