One of our favorite features of the various Ford vehicles we've owned is the keypad entry on the door. We also had a keypad lock on our sticks and bricks home. We knew this was a convenience we also wanted on our RV, which is why we owned one well over a month before we got our RV on a Black Friday Sale!

Our RVLock had been working great for us for over a year when RVLock reached out to see if we would like to try their product and do a video review. Since we'd already been happy owners for over a year, we proposed trying out a full coverage solution to include our rear (garage) door as well as our baggage doors. They sent us a big box of goodies and we got to work installing them!

The main entry doors are super simple to install and only takes about 10-15 minutes (when not filming it!). Six total screws, about 30 seconds to program your code, another 10 seconds for the key fob, and done! Not having to remember keys when taking the dog for a walk (or anything else) is a huge convenience!

The baggage doors were a bit more of a “welcome to RV Life” challenge. By “welcome to RV life”, I'm referring to the fact that almost every project requires some ingenuity and problem solving to finish. Every RV is built by people, not perfect laser guided machines. To that end, every RV (even in the same brand / model) will have minor differences in construction.

On our RV, the stock baggage door strike plates are very shallow. RVLock supplies new strike plates with proper depth. However, our wall framing around the baggage door was also shallow (only on the left side). This required some cutting into that frame to be able to sink the strike plate low enough. Additionally, the new plates needed to slide out about 1mm more than the current screw holes would allow. Since the hole in the RV can't be moved, I had to extend the hole in the RVLock strike plate a bit to fit.

Some might be quick to complain to RVLock or Grand Design about things not fitting perfectly out of the box. But, if you've lived in an RV for a while, you know that this is just how things are. Every RV is different and you have to be willing to find your own solutions to problems much of the time.

After getting the baggage locks replaced on both sides of the RV, I got to install the part I was hoping would bring it all together into a nice system: the 8 button master interior remote! Super easy to program, this remote mounts on our wall just inside the main door and allows us to operate ALL of the locks from one place. Push ONE button and both entry doors and both baggage doors all LOCK! So convenient!

Our main entry door RVLock now has thousands of uses over 16 months and still works like new! We couldn't imagine having to dig out keys every time we wanted to lock up our home!

If you're interested in getting an RVLock, use our code “CHANGINGLANES15” at checkout for 15% off your order any time! Note: they also seem to have a big sale on Black Friday every year for more than that.

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