Continuing the “FAIL” theme from our last video, we head to Las Vegas, where it's 120 degrees! What were we thinking?!?!?

Smoking Brakes

The day starts out well enough. We head out of Page AZ with our friends Phil and Stacy (You, Me & the RV) and head to Vegas. The “fun” begins on a steep descent when Phil radios over that we have a lot of smoke coming from our trailer wheels! Luckily that was just an oversight – forgetting to turn on our engine brake. Running all brakes and no engine brake put too much load on the brakes and they got hot! No big deal. Just let them cool off a bit.

Bad Power (Bad RV Park)!

Our experience at Las Vegas RV Resort was far less than ideal! While most of the park employees were very nice and helpful, there were a couple (one in particular) who were VERY rude. It took us 3 tries (4 tries for Phil and Stacy) to get a site with enough voltage to run our AC units.

Quick refresher: Watts = Amps x Voltage (Amps = Watts / Voltage). The wattage an AC needs to run doesn't change. So, as voltage decreases, amperage HAS to increase to maintain the wattage. That extra amperage blows breakers (as it should).

Luckily, after several hours of changing sites, we got a site with barely workable voltage. The thing is, a “workable” voltage in this heat really needs to be at 120V+. We were able to get about 115V, which is BARELY workable and required some added measures to keep things running. See

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