In almost three years on the road, (all over the United States) we've never had a single mouse, rat, cockroach, or ant (and very few spiders)! We employ a few methods that we feel helped us accomplish this. While we can't know for sure which of these had the highest efficacy, here are the things we've done since day one!

Fill The Gaps!

RVs are built FAST! This means there might be some gaps and holes that provide a direct path from the underside of your RV to the inside! Inspect the underside of your RV and fill any gaps (even the tiny ones) with Great Stuff PestBlock (link below). If an area is too large to hold the foam insulation, you can try building it up in sections, or use something like chicken wire to bridge the gap along with the foam.

Examples of places to check are the spare tire, dump valves, low point drains, etc. Be sure to also check the coroplast itself and make sure it's secured up against the frame all the way around the RV.

Be sure to fill the gaps between your living space and the basement as well. That way, if a rodent or other pest somehow makes it into your RV, they will have a tougher time getting into the living space. Use the same Great Stuff to fill areas like where plumbing and wiring come up from the basement, like under each sink.

Botanical Pest Repellants

We've liked the “Stay Away” and “Fresh Cab” brands of botanical (natural) pest repellant pouches (links below). They come in blends designed for specific types of pests like ants, spiders, and rodents. We buy some of each, deploying the rodent and ant repellants in various locations along the floor (usually in the corners), and the spider pouches in higher locations like behind the TV, on top of the cabinets, and on the bunk in our office/garage.

Additionally, we put a few of each in our basement and storage compartments.

Ultrasonic Pest Repellant

In addition, we also bought a six-pack of ultrasonic pest repellant devices and placed them in each room as well as the basement. We replaced all of them around the 2-year mark just in case any of them have lost efficacy due to age and/or RV vibrations. We have no idea if this is the case, but we felt we could use a new set. 😊


Our RV has blue under-belly lights that we leave on. These are not the cap lights, which are a bit controversial, but the ones underneath our RV. We've heard that these lights can deter pests, and got a bit of confirmation of that last year when some full-time RV friends of ours were having mice issues. They started leaving their under-belly lights on at night and no more mice!

If your RV does not have this feature, the same can be accomplished using tope lights. Just please get a set that are not bothersome to your neighbors. 😀

Eliminate Active Ant Hills

When we set up camp, I will walk around the RV and look for any ants trying to climb our tires or leveling system. If I find any, I spray some Spectracide Ant Shield and/or Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. We've only been using the Diatomaceous Earth for a few months, but it seems to do the job in a more environmentally friendly manner than the Spectracide. I will use these on and around our landing gear and tires only where we see ants.


As mentioned in the beginning, we really have no idea if every one of these things is contributing to our success in preventing pests in our RV. But all of them combined has absolutely worked for us, and we hope they will work for you also! 👍🏼

Great Stuff PestBlock
Stay Away Mice Repellent
Stay Away Spiders 
Stay Away Ants and Rodent (combo pack)
Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
Spectracide Ant Shield
Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade
Airtight Food Storage Containers
Bag Sealer Clips Sticks
White Kitchen Trash (7.5Gal) Can w/ Lid

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