Daisy is a family member and like a child to us. So, knowing she's safe when we leave her in the RV is absolutely critical!

Environment Monitoring

RVs are just not as safe as a house to leave your pet home alone. RV Parks and Campgrounds can have short outages that you would never expect in a home. Additionally, most RV thermostats revert to OFF after a power failure. Combine that with a much stronger greenhouse effect and the results can be deadly for your pet(s)!

We have 3 ways we monitor our RV's environment.


If you're only going to have one way to monitor your pet's environment, make it MarCELL! We've been using ours since day one and it's never let us down. MarCELL is cellular-based, so you do have to be in a coverage area for it to function. It does not need a strong signal but will not function without at least some signal.

MarCELL is subscription-based and runs $99 per year. It monitors power, temperature, and humidity and will send text and email notifications when triggered by crossing a threshold that you define.

We've found that text alerts are much more in-your-face versus the app notification style alerts of some other options.


Another great option for monitoring is Govee! Unlike MarCELL, Govee uses wifi and requires no subscription. However, you do need reliable wifi with internet set up to be able to use it. It could be connected to campground wifi, but we all know how reliable those can be!

But, if you have your own wifi connected to a reliable internet source, like we do, Govee is a viable option.

Like, MarCell, Govee let's you set your own thresholds for temperature and humidity. It does not, however, monitor power. So, the temperature has to reach a threshold before you know the power went out and shut off your AC.

NOTE! We have noticed that our Govee has disconnected from wifi a couple of times and had to be re-configured. If Govee is your primary monitor, be sure to keep an eye on that!

Ring Security

While our Ring Security System does not monitor temperature, it does alert us when power goes out. We can also use our security cameras to check in on Daisy.

So, until Ring comes out with a module that monitors temperature, it's a rudimentary monitor at best.

Remote AC Control

Many newer RVs are coming with the AC systems integrated into a system that can be managed over the internet. Our OneControl system is not one of those since our RV was built before these systems were integrated.

In the very near future, we will be installing and testing the Micro-Air EasyTouch RV 352 Thermostat Black with WiFi and Bluetooth. This promises to allow us to turn the AC back on remotely when there's a power glitch. Stay tuned for that video!

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