Since the very first day in 2017, when we moved into our RV home, we have been refining our pre-travel checklists. We are FIRM believers in using checklists to make sure nothing gets missed.

We have our checklists broken down by WHEN they get done in relation to getting on the road. We call these checklists T-24, T-12, T-1, and T-0, where T-24 is 24 hours before travel and so on.

These are our checklists. Feel free to take ours and modify them to your situation.


  • Check Rig tires and suspension (inflation, general inspection)
  • Check Truck tires (inflation, general inspection)
  • Dump / Flush REAR black tank.
  • Secure REAR Dump Hose(s)
  • TREAT REAR Black Tank
  • Dump / Flush FRONT black tank
  • TREAT FRONT black tank
  • Inspect HITCH bolts and connectors (verify hitch head retaining pins).
  • Inspect Rig – Wheels and suspension (torque lug nuts once a quarter) (RV 120ftlbs / Truck 165)
  • Fill fresh tank (based on next location)
  • Check Walkie’s (charge if needed)
  • Fuel Truck if needed


  • Secure outside items. (Bikes, rug, chairs, etc)
  • inspect roof (remove starlink if early travel)
  • GPS (update firmware and maps)
  • Plan Route and Fuel
  • Garage: Shut Down NAS
  • Garage: desks in stow position (PINNED)
  • Garage: Loose gear stowed in the bathroom
  • Garage: motorcycle ready (mats, wheel-dock, tie-downs)
  • Garage: Patio Doors: Glass DOWN / doors latched
  • Load Lucile (if possible and early departure) and strap down
  • Secure patio (collapse patio rails and close rear door)


  • Garage: Secure All Antennas (Starlink, etc)
  • Garage: Storage Cabinet Child Locks LOCKED
  • Garage: Vacuum Removed from wall
  • Garage: Patio Doors: Glass DOWN / doors latched
  • Bedroom: Closet (and Washer) Doors secured
  • Bedroom: Loose Gear on bed secure (stable)
  • Bedroom: Windows Closed TIGHT
  • Bedroom: Slide IN
  • Living Room: Water pump off.
  • Living Room: Water heater GAS off (electric On)
  • Living Room: ALL Lights off
  • Living Room: ALL Windows closed TIGHT
  • Living Room: AC On (all 3 zones)
  • Living Room: Retract slides with door (vented for airflow)
  • Outside: Shut off shore power (breaker), disconnect and stow cable.
  • Outside: Stow main steps and stow door mat
  • Outside: Stow main door handrail
  • Outside: Propane off
  • Outside: Close all dump valves/disconnect and stow shore connections (pressure regulator)
  • Outside: Stow all gear (INCLUIDNG REGULATOR)



  • RV – T-24, T-12, T-1 Checks COMPLETE
  • RV – Slides, Awnings, Stairs and hand rail STOWED.
  • RV – Jacks / Stabilizers to TOW HEIGHT (Middle and Rear Retracted)
  • TRUCK – Tow/Haul Mode
  • TRUCK – Mirrors EXTENDED
  • TRUCK – Tailgate DOWN


  • KINGPIN LOCK BAR (wrapped around pin – no high pin)
  • Hitch Lock PIN (IN)
  • 7-Way Connector (CONNECTED)
  • Emergency Breakaway Cable (CONNECTED)
  • Volta Power System (connected)


  • TRUCK – Check that the trailer is connected to the Ford system (Verify Manual Brake)
  • RV – Chocks still in place
  • RV – Landing Gear in Check position (FRONT gear 1” – all other gear stowed)
  • TRUCK – PULL TEST (manually engage trailer brakes and try to pull away SLOW)
  • TRUCK – Set the parking brake.


  • RV – Retract ALL landing gear
  • RV – Remove and stow wheel chocks and landing gear blocks.
  • TRUCK – Lights on / Rear Camera working
  • LIGHT CHECK (Verify all signals and lights are operable)
  • Full Walk-around (EVERYTHING)
  • TRUCK – Rest Trip Meter

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