Projects Time!  Today we’re tackling two projects: Upgrading our broken Maxxair Fan and quadrupling our taillights! 🚦

MaxxFan Deluxe

Our original Maxxair fan (that came with our RV), had its gearbox (the one that lifts the lid) come apart and render it inoperative. That got replaced about a year and a half into our full-time RV life. Now, another year and a half later, that one has failed in the same way. So, this time, we wanted to replace it with an upgraded model – the MaxxFan Deluxe!

The install is very simple. In fact, the biggest part of the job is removing the old fan and all of its sealant and prepping the area. See the video for the install details.

This fan has a few upgraded features over the original. Primarily, the integrated rain cover design, but also the thermostat and ceiling fan modes. It's also much quieter and has speed adjustments in 10 percent increments versus just 4 speeds.

MaxxFan Products and Tools 🛒

Taillights! 🚦

Our RF, like many, comes with the bare minimum for tail lights. When attempting to change lanes in traffic, we want to give as much notice as possible and the single turn signal just doesn't cut it. So, we added three more taillights to each side, running all the way up the rear, for maximum visibility.

Once you figure out how to run the primary wire to tap into the existing taillights, the install itself is straightforward. We used 3 primary wire runs (for each of the 3 tail light wires) and tapped each taillight into the primary using splice taps. From there, it was just a matter of splicing each primary wire run into the tail light wires at the bottom. Easy Peasy!

Taillight Products and Tools 🛒

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