For the last 3 years, any time we've been out and about and our power goes out, our AC units shut off. Even when the power comes back on, they remain off until someone turns them back on manually. We have a few ways to monitor her environment from the internet (power, temperature, humidity), but no way to control the ACs remotely.

This has caused many a schlep back to the RV to save daisy from certain doom!

Smart Thermostats

There are many “smart” thermostats on the market for homes, but none of them will work for an RV without serious modifications and customization. Even then, the functionality is questionable.

There are a couple of reasons for this. For one, home thermostats operate on 24VDC and the RV has 12VDC. While this can be overcome fairly easily, the other big issue is that RV's can have more than one heat source.

Our RV's main AC has a heat pump and also controls our furnace. Additionally, it is designed to turn on the furnace if the heat pump can't keep up. This is completely foreign to home thermostats.

Every six months or so, I would revisit the issue to see if there was something new to handle this situation and recently got a hit! A bullseye in fact!

Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat

Finally! A Smart, internet-connected, thermostat made specifically for RVs! The Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat is designed to directly replace your stock thermostat, and installation is dead simple!

The first step is to figure out which model you need. Since every RV AC and thermostat control are different, there are different models for the major brands. Simply head here (…) and click on the “WHICH MODEL DO I NEED” link. This will walk you through a few questions to determine the proper model.

Be sure to use code “CHANGINGLANES” at checkout for $10.00 Off!!!


The installation will vary slightly based on the model and we can't speak to all of them. But, if they are even half as simple as ours was, ANYONE can install this!

For ours, it was a simple matter of taking the unit off the wall, moving the wires directly over to the new thermostat (same order and connections), and mounting it.

The unit comes with a very nice mounting system, but we found command strips to be much simpler.

Connect to the thermostat via Bluetooth, enter your WiFi details, update the firmware, and that's it! A single thermostat should take about 30 minutes or less!

Products 🛒

  • Hutch Mountain Micro-Air EasyTouch Thermostat –… (Click the “WHICH MODEL DO I NEED” link. Use code “CHANGINGLANES” at checkout for $10 Off!

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