It's RV Project Time! 🤠

RV Water Heater (Again)

First up on the list is a familiar symptom with our suburban water heater, where we have no heat from 120V but good heat from propane. 🔥

Upon inspection, it appeared we had a loose connection, causing heat and melting the plastic cover. After verifying we had proper voltage and the element was good, it was a simple fix to clean the wire and replace the fork connector.

Frame Lag Bolt Inspection

Even though we have no symptoms of any frame issue, we thought it was a good idea to check our lag bolts out of an abundance of precaution. These are the lag bolts in the upper deck that attach the chassis frame to the house frame.

We had all of our bolts and they were all secure except for one that backed out about 1/8″. We got that tightened down and feel good about the connection of our frame to the chassis! 👍🏼

WiFi Troubles

We first noticed sporadic wifi issues when testing the new Starlink High Performace Antenna. It turned out that having the access point in our AC ducting wasn't a great idea after all. While the ducting is some type of cardboard (not metal), it does have a metallic coating, which was the root of our issue.

Moving the access point out of the duct was reasonably straightforward, still using the duct as a cable run and mounting the AP to the bedroom ceiling.

RV Window Replacement

We had no idea what to expect with this task, but we were prepared for a full day to replace our broken window. RV Life is always full of surprises, but this time, it was a good surprise!

Replacing the window could not have been easier! The broken window came right out with no putty or sealant to clean at all! And the new window went right in with no surprises. While GDRV uses a 1/8″ X 3/4″ foam seal, we could only find 1/4″ X 3/4″ at Lowe's. That worked just fine, also!

Even with filming the process, it only took a couple of hours to replace the window. Too bad more RV projects can't be this easy!

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